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Go-To Fash - Kim Kardashian

When it comes to go-to fash, there's one man Kim Kadashian can't seem to leave the house without. Kris Humphries may have put a ring on it, but Christian Louboutin stole this reality stars heart a long long time ago. Every fashion lover dreams of slipping their feet into a pair of these red bottomed attention getters. Kim rocks her Louboutin's everywhere around Hollywood from the red carpet to the airport. By far her favorite pair of Louboutin's are the "Boulima." (Pictured Left) The Boulima is a steel toed pump with an ankle strap and Kim rocks them in tan and white all the time. Rumors are swirling that designer Vera Wang will be designing Kim's wedding dress but I think it's safe to say she'll also be wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. Below are pictures of Kim rocking her go-to fash all around town




Something Extra: Check out these major Christian Louboutin shoes available right now. Click the picture to shop the shoe. Which pair is your favorite?

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Fabulous Friday - I Found My Dress

This past weekend was a major moment for me! My mom, sister and I drove to Atlanta to visit Bridals by Lori which you may recognize as the location where they film Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta on TLC! No, you won't be seeing me on the next episode, though they tried desperately to get me to agree. I decided to bypass the opportunity for now. This was the first time I was wedding dress shopping and I wanted to start looking for the perfect style. Plus, I had no idea I'd be finding "the one." Upon walking into Bridals by Lori I was instantly distracted by the fabulous wedding dress sketches by my favorite designers lining the wall. The whole place looked like it had been decorated by Rachel Zoe... It was beyond fabulous! 

We were wisked up stairs by the super sweet staff who waited on me hand and foot! I told them I wanted a dress that was fierce and dramatic! Surprisingly they said they've never heard any bride describe their dream dress like that. My seriously amazing consultant let us go around and pull dresses! I was in heaven. After sifting through hundreds of pounds of satin and lace I finally made my decisions which consisted of 12 stunning dresses. The first dress I tried on was seriously fabulous and beyond poofy. I was crushing on it but my fan club wasn't! I then put on the second dress which was absolute perfection. The second I slipped it on I was in love. After strutting the runway in the dress and somehow attracting almost every consultant in the store I knew this was "the one." In a few minutes Flori Waters and Robin Gibbs (pictured below) had me "jacked up" and looking wedding day ready! They literally gave me an up-do, earrings and my dream veil in 5 seconds! 

I decided to try on the rest of my dresses just to see if any other gown could  compete with the dress I was dying over. After quickly rejecting the rest of my selections I decided to slip back into my favorite dress. I just knew... This was the dress of my dreams! Classically dramatic and totally perfect! So long story short I got my wedding dress and veil! I bought them right on the spot! The seriously adorable Robin Gibbs was so sweet and beyond helpful! It's so hard not to gush about all of the dresses tiny faint worthy details, but I really want it to be a surprise. I have no idea how I'll be able to wait until May! If you or any of your friends are looking for a wedding dress I highly suggest going to Bridals by Lori, they are seriously the best! I can't wait until May to show you guys the dress I chose! Xoxo

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Outfit Post - Creative Combos

I simply adore unexpected combos, especially ones that turn out looking like they were totally and completely meant to be. I recently paired my super girly BCBG Max Azria shorts with an edgy Material Girl's crop top for a stroll through Beverly Hills. I topped off the look with my favorite Steve Madden pumps which have been sitting in my closest for almost a year. It's funny how an unexpected eclectic outfit can end up showing off your individual style so superbly. Adding a bright shoe will instantly turn up the wow factor on any outfit and with bright colors and color blocking being such a huge trend this season you pretty much can't go wrong with any color combo. This edgy feminine look is simple to obtain from items in your own closet. Pair a studded top, shoe or purse for a dash of edge with a silky fabric or fun print. Challenge yourself to finally find the perfect outfit to compliment that faint worthy item you've been dying to rock. What's your favorite style combo?

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International Understanding Day.


who knows what is IU day? kalau sekolah korang ade Interact Club, mesti sikit sebanyak korang tau jugak ape tu IU day. well, i've never attend IU day before. yela, aku mane penah masuk interact club dulu. & dorang buat event untuk dorang je. bukan untuk sume.

so yesterday, my cohort that is cohort 1 PISMP Tesl had organized this event. kiranya, baru first time la aku attend event IU Day ni eventho memang jauh beza dari IU Day yang sebenar. tapi xpe, at least my cohort had contribute something to the IPG. opss, cohort lain jangan terasa, hoho.

dengan budak 'sabah'. hikss

macam besa la, kalau ade event, aku mesti teruja untuk menari. event-event macam ni mesti la kene ada tarian right. baru la x hambar, ecewahhh! mulanya x cukup orang nak menari & xda idea nak menari ape, but lucky us sebab zack from the upsi cohort 5 was willing to join us & choreograph the songs. thank u so much!

our dance team - langkah zaffana, hehehh. sorang lagi xda sebab dia jadi mc. 
*sume mata hantu, bese le, guna camera phone cap ayam jaa.

unfortunately, our performance was not that good because the PA system had broken down and they only use a pc speaker & a mic to play the songs T__T we hardly enjoy it because the sound was too slow. but what to do? dugaan sume tu, kene terima dengan positif. nasib baek la steps sume synchronise, xda la nampak cacat sangat kan.

but overall, the IU day was a success. eventho there was some technical problem here & there. xpe, next time we improved okeh!

nah gambo-gambo nye, sikit je sebab tangkap guna phone. nak tunggu gambo dari nikon my classmate baru show off kat sini hokayy.

close up of my make up.
oh, klu nak menari ni makeup kene tebal & campur colour pelik2, baru la menyerlah haaaa.
btw, aku makeup sendiri jaaa. xda makeup artis yang boleh tolong. sobs~

roomate saya ^^

1 malaysia ok. hehe

all of our sacrifices has been paid off by the success of this event. bese la first time buat event besar macam ni, memang la ade imperfection sana sini. mesti la ade banyak tears, arguments, dissatisfaction & so on. at least we have did it and all the lecturers are proud of us. heee :) 

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Fash for Less - Rachel Bilson

I absolutely adore Rachel Bilson and her fabulous Cali chic wardrobe. There's just something delightfully refreshing about the former "OC" starlet that always hits the fash spot. I'm beyond excited for her anticipated return to TV later this fall. Recently, Rachel and a friend hit the streets of Santa Monica in search of some new home docor. The style maven killed it in an amazing pair of ankle boots which she paired with coral shorts and a blazer. I've sorta not so secretly been crushing on all things coral for months now. I can't seem to leave a shopping spree without adding another piece or two to my rapidly growing coral collection. So clearly, I'm totally and completely obsessed with these shorts. Check out my picks below from Forever 21 if you want to emulate Rachel's designer chic look without paying crazy high prices. Click the pictures below to shop the similar pieces. Are you loving Rachel's summer ensemble?

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