ehek,lame gile x post.
malas nye pasal.
bkn nye ape.
assignment byk gileee!
so,cm xda mood nk post entry.
&&sory lar kt korang2 yg follow aku sbb aku xfollow korang blek.
tgk lar klu da free nant.
aku follow korang blek eh.
& sape2 yg msg aku kt chatbox tuh.
ade mase aku bls k.

so,life skrg makin oke.
im hepy wif my radie back.
yeah,very hepy.
almost 2 months aku rase sengsare.
& skrg alhamdulillah da bahagia blek.
thank god.

&& assignments yg gile byk.
even during raya pon ade assignment nk kne wat.
xpe2,hadapi dgn tabah.

oke la,i think dats all.
want to do my assignments.
till then~

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td bce blog budak tuh.
bace dri entry bulan july.
& ade lar 2-3 entry ni yg wt aku sentap.
aish,budak tuh kuar ngan radie.
& mase tuh aku baru break ngan die.
fyi,aku break ngan die bkn sbb aku xsyg die.
tp sbb aku bodoh!
tataw nk hrgai die.
& then,mase nga bace entry tuh.
xpasal2 berair mate.
u noe,its so dissapointed.
wut do u feel when sumone u love hang out wif another girl?
& the girl was his ex.

yeah,i noe i did the same thing.
i noe im the one who start it first.
but i've regret it.
im really2 regret it!

haih,im soo down rite now.
dorang slalu kuar.
macam dating.
lepak sane lepak sini.
i noe they are only frens.
but,i juz cant except it.
i juz cant!

it's so dissapointing....
i loved u so much u noe.
i came back to u bcoz its hard to forget u.
all our memories,our songs,the time we spent together.
its so hard to forget all dat.
this time,i really promise dat i wont do the same thing again.
i promise syg!
u noe how much i love u.
& plizz...
dont hang out wif dat girl anymore.
allthough u & her are juz frens.
but she's ur ex!
i juz cant accept it dear.

i love u wif all my heart...

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