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cerita semalam.

My Photos | Bella~

pic semalam juga.

yah, semalam dok meronggeng dengan teman2.
pegi kait buah rambutan & pegi jalan2 satu padang.
pokok rambutan tuh sebelah bilik aku jeh.
geram gile tengok rambutan tuh sume merah menyala .
semalam dapat makan brape bijik jek. 
xpuas =.=

macam mane nk kait.
galah pon xda cangkuk.
pokok pulak tinggi.
nak panjat dahan die lembik, senang patah.
tebang pokok tuh bole?

aku nk tempek skit gambar2 semalam.
kasi meriah sket entry ni. haha

My Photos | Bella~
sedang berusaha gila tahu!

My Photos | Bella~
muke gersang menikmati rambutan :P

My Photos | Bella~
happy gila dapat rambutan eventho 2 bijik jek! ignore kuku aku yg berwarne itam, ngee~

My Photos | Bella~
sape x nampak aku, die da x lame da tuh >.<

My Photos | Bella~
aku pon tataw nape dengan aku:P

My Photos | Bella~

My Photos | Bella~
kat padang. sangat gumbira dapat naek basikal:D

My Photos | Bella~
muke excited bawak aku, HAHA!

My Photos | Bella~
turun bukit, besttttt~

haa, itu saja la, yang sempat disnap.
baru ghairah nk snap banyak2 tapi battery suda abes derrr .

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aish pelik eh!

aku sangat pelik dengan satu perkara.
aku post something kat wall aku.
then tulis la simbol love yg macam ni <3
tibe2 die kluar macam ni!

My Photos | Bella~

aku pon pelik bin ajaib + musykil yang teramat sangat.
asal la kuar tulisan jawi?!
kelakar pon ade.

& then tibe2 fatin cakap die x nampak tulisan jawi tuh!
aih! apehal pulok ni!
laptop aku kah yang prob.
adoi, fenin beta tahu x!

but then bile aku try lagi tulis kat komen da elok da.
My Photos | Bella~

hahaha, lawak nye.
malu den!
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zee avi .

have u heard about zee avi?
i bet u all penah kn?!
i think she's soooo awesome.
first time dengar lagu die terus jatuh cinta.
first song aku denga adelah kantoi.
gila best lagu ituh.

yes, i know im a bit ketinggalan zaman sebab baru taw pasal die ni.
yela, xda sape introducekan aku pasal die.
jangan salahkan aku, huehuehue:P 

rite now im listening to bitter heart.
so in love with this song.
first time dengar terus sukak gile.
melodi lagu2 die ni sangat soothing & calming.
sangat senang nak hafal.
sangat best bile dengar, seriously!

this is her.

& her voice is very damn superb u noe.
pergh! kagum gila!

so, marilah kita sama2 mendengar lagu2 beliau.

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Black Fashion Models 2009

The current issue of Italian Vogue looks at how the fashion industry has moved past the rail thin negative size models to the lack of black models in the industry.

In a move that is causing the industry to take a deep look at itself the July issue of Italian Vogue features only black models shot by fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Mr. Meisel is also the photographer behind Madonna’s infamous 1992 book, “Sex”.

black fashion models
black fashion models
black fashion models
black fashion models
black fashion models
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Fashion Models 2009

Tao Okamoto. Tao Okamoto, Japanese (1987), mysterious, elegant. She had long hair, now it is short. Very professional, very perfectionist.

models interested in being featured, interviewed or photographed can inquire via e-mail: models (at) - of course replace (at) with @

Fashion Models
Fashion Models
Fashion Models
Fashion Models
Fashion Models
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to kill a mockingbird.

the second day of class -- i should classify it as okayyy!
as the new PKK , im responsible for the attendance book.
nama suda siap ditulis , tinggal alamat & bla bla bla....

My Photos | Bella~

sila baca :D

hahaha, ramai yang mengatakan i sangat rajin.
aku hanya menjalankan tanggungjawab.
tengoklah sebulan dua lagi.
whether im still "rajin" or not.

2nd day of class was packed.
i should say that all the lecturers had came in to class.
yes, ALL!
agak tiring but ok la for the first week.
&& SS is going to be a headache .
derrr, topic2 die sangat sangat mencabar.
conflict & resolution + globalisation in education.

& tadi suda dapat novel to kill a mockingbird.

My Photos | Bella~

yeah, tahniah untuk i yang berjaya bace 4 m/s ! 
tengok lah betapa nipis nye buku ini.
alaaaahhh, setakat novel 375 m/s, xda hal lah!
aku da bace lebih dari itu.
*sedapkan hati saje*

oh nampaknye tajuk entry ni hanya mengambil bahagian yang sikit saje.
tapi xpe, asalkan ade.
okay, mau sambung bace.

oh almost forgot.
nak cerita pasal jadual yang macam ikan sardin dalam tin.
memang pack gila i tell u!

My Photos | Bella~

class will end at 5 for the whole week except for thursday.
gila x gila?!
& aku sangat xfaham kenape permainan tuh kene wat awal2 pagi?!
kan its better to have class with our beloved lecturer.
senang sikit nak masuk input2 penting mase awal pagi, x gitu?
& yang aku bulat merah tuh sangat2 kritikal ok.
SS & LDV at 4 pm?
its not good, trust me!
we will see brape orang saje yang concentrate.

ok sebelum aku merepek dengan lebih panjang lebey baek aku stop ok bye!
*bercakap dalam satu nafas*

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bermulalah sem 3~

salam all.
aku suda selamat berada di kampus tercintaaa.
tercintakah?! -.-
dengan bermulanya hari esok, maka bermulalah sem 3.
iaitu final sem untuk foundation programme.
hoyeh !

tapi tapi, agak cuak jugak sebab sem ni kene ambik final exam !!
derrr T___T
x boleh nak beraya sakan.
ceh, sebelum ni kalu exam lepas raye pon penah ke x sakan wahai bella?!
jangan nak bidaah!
bidaah itu menipu dalam loghat perak :P

hokayy, barang2 sume da siap kemas.
 penat tahu mengemas satu almari dengan 3 beg beso!
fuhh, naseb baik roommate tersayang suda kemas bilik awal2, heee:D
thaxx roommate~

&& pada 28 hb ni junior junior daftar masuk.
xda la excited mane, saya biasa saje =.=
so dengan ini aku akan menjadi senior dalam mase 1 hari!
kehkeh, kecoh je lebih:P

oh oh, adik angkat ku raja nadia daftar msuk kat uitm merbok.
yeay, same tempat ~ sg. petani.
gud luck in ur studies ye dik.
ade rezeki kite jumpe:)

sampai mase aku untuk mengiron baju batik untuk dipakai mase assembly esok.
derrr , malas gile nk p assembly , hehh!

till then~

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New York Fashion Week 2009 2010

For Spring 2009, Nanette Lepore delivered a collection that radiated sultry femininity with hints of mischievous romance. Capturing the carefree essence of spring was the "anything goes" vibe exuded by each look where there are no restrictions when it comes to mixing patterns, shapes, textures, silhouettes, style, and so on. Ethereal silk dresses with cropped leather coats, sleek stripes paired with flirty florals, statements frocks with statement jewelry and super statement shoes- you get the point. Never one to stray too far from her ultra-femme aesthetic, we saw ruffles galore, lush garden florals, cinched waists, and loads of vibrant colors that can€™t help but make you embrace your inner girly girl.

new york fashion week
new york fashion week
new york fashion week
new york fashion week
new york fashion week
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Olympus Fashion Week 2010

Today starts the best week on the planet,Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007. If only I could be in the mix!!!Tonight at 8:00 pm Baby Phat will roll out their collection. Whether you like her not,Kimora Lee Simmons is hustling chick and eye is inpecable. She know glam,fab, and what divas are made of. Plus, her shows are packed with hip hop gliterrati. I always check every day.This website is good on posting the current days shows online. Also,Fashion Rocks Show is coming on tonight on CBS at 8:00pm. Because I don't have a "friday night social agenda" I'll be front of the tube.

olympus fashion week
olympus fashion week
olympus fashion week
olympus fashion week
olympus fashion week
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Men's Fashion 2009 In Italy

The Burberry Prorsum fashion show for Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 in Italy. Burberry is such a great brand. The colors for next Spirng/Summer season were too Fall colorish to us, but the bright mustard and soft powder blues really worked well. The dark olive green is a color you don’t expect to see at summertime, but they do make it airy. The grays had a soft touch to them. The hats you can do without.

Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion
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Cyndi Lauper Fashion 2009

The 80’s fashion may be coming back, but some things never left. The music of the 80’s has been a permanent fixture on the radio and in the stores, possessing some timeless quality that allows it to stay a constant flow of electric guitars and erratic drum solos. Maybe it’s because some of the bands from the time haven’t left yet, serving as a reminder of ‘the good old days’. That still doesn’t explain why the younger generation is still listening to the same songs their parents did when they have no nostalgic attachment to the music. Be it because their parents have subjected them to it as a child, or some freak alignment of the planets, the music looks like it has taken up residency in our lives.

cyndi lauper fashion
cyndi lauper fashion
cyndi lauper fashion
cyndi lauper fashion
cyndi lauper fashion
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Virtual Fashion Models 2008

Our fashion section puts the spotlight on designers, fashion parades and events and feature the best of Second Life models. These pages are constantly updating as we add more feature stories and attend events in Second Life. If you would like your event covered, or would like me to focus on a particular avatar or aspect of an event that I am attending, just ask - IM me! We have a great team of fashion experts & models to help you show off your range of clothes - designers, editors note these models & pictures are available for hire ~ GaiaGirl Pearl xx

virtual fashion model
virtual fashion model
virtual fashion model
virtual fashion model
virtual fashion model
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