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Street Fash - Chelsea Kane

On Tuesday after rocking it on “Dancing with the Stars,” Disney starlet Chelsea Kane stepped out to Cleo’s in Hollywood for the shows after party. The Jonas LA star, was rocking some seriously fierce skinny jeans with a white tee and a marble print blazer. She is my latest obsession after falling in love with her sweet personality on DWTS and now that I know she has major style, I’m loving her even more. There's a severe effortless factor to her style and beauty that's ultra amazing and utterly charming. Aren't you just dying over how adorable she is? Not to mention her amazing hair style that less than 5% of the population can actually pull off. Don't forget to vote for Chelsea on DWTS. She's definitely one to watch on the dance floor and the red carpet. Are you loving this look?

Something Extra: Check out Chelsea and dancing partner Mark Ballas doing the jive this week on Dancing with the Stars! 

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Go-To Fash - Olivia Palermo

The always fabulously styled Olivia Palermo steps out on a daily basis looking posh from head to toe. Her style is superb and despite what you may think of her "antics," there's no denying she can dress better than half of the upper east side. When it comes to Olivia's must have item, it's no surprise her go-to fash is fur. She rocks fur vest, jackets, and even scarfs. Weather on the streets or a red carpet, expect Olivia to be pissing off someone from Peta. 

Furs are the perfect element to put any outfit over the fashion edge, but being the vegetarian animal lover that I am, I'd like to stress the importance of choosing faux fur over the real deal. Either way Olivia is creating quite the fashion storm in her fur, and I'm following every look. It was extremely difficult narrowing down my ultra fave Palermo looks, but some how I completed the task. Below are my favorite pics of Olivia rocking her go-to fash. Also, don't forget to check out Olivia on the cover of HauteMuse magazine. The cover shoot video is uh-mazing.

Something Extra: Check out Olivia's Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign for Hogan shoes. 

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#14 Jessica Paster

Jessica Paster comes in at number 14 on the top 25 celebrity stylist list put out by the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month. Since the artical did no justice to the stylist what so ever, I decided to do some digging around to find out more details on this ultra talented style guru. Jessica has been styling for an astounding 15 years and has had the opportunity to dress some of Hollywood’s most glamorous ladies. The style veteran has worked with such actresses as Emily Blunt, Cate Blanchette, Uma Thurman, Kim Basinger, Mariah Carey, Minnie Driver, Rachel Weisz and Kate Beckinsale, just to name a few. Jessica's longest running client is oscar favorite Cate Blanchette whom Jess has styled for 11 years. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Gotham, Los Angeles Confidential, Genlux and even my personal fave fash read, Nylon.

Had she not been a stylist Jessica said she may have been an actress. When she was younger she studied the craft but then realized her stage-fright was far to great for her to ever pursue the career. With no idea what career path to follow, “I prayed to God to please help me find what to do. One week later, a miracle happened. A friend of a friend asked me if I wanted to assist a stylist. I had no idea what that meant, but I went in anyway. As soon as I walked into that man's door -- and all the chaos, craziness, and beauty all wrapped in one -- I knew this was my calling,” Jessica shared with

One of my favorite facts about this style maven is that before Spanx existed, Jessica would create shapeware for her clients for all their biggest red carpet moments. "It doesn't matter if you're a size two or a size 12, every woman looks more beautiful in shapewear. When you put it on, all your clothes just hang beautifully. It's like having a hoop [earring] and then having one with diamonds on it. It's that extra umph,” Jessica shared with Paster made quite a jump from creating her own shapewear to being the spokesperson for Victoria Secret's at the Oscars, where she promoted their line of shapewear.

Jessica shared a styling tip with, “Black will always be the new black, talk about classic! You can never go wrong with black!” I couldn't agree more Jess. This style goddess is beyond talented, insanely seasoned, and deserves all of our respect. We should all be thanking the fashion Gods (Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, etc.) that Jessica went down the stylist path. I can’t wait to see what looks she puts together in the future. This inspiring expert is definitely one to watch. Below are some of her editorial credits as well as client credits. Which client look is your favorite?

Editorial Credits:

Client Credits:

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Penangan Nasi lemak makcik kantin

hebat sungguh penangan nasi lemak makcik kantin ni. sampai lidah aku kelu x bole nak cakap pape. dasat x dasat?

HOI, korang jangan pikir bukan bukan pulak. haih otak kunen betol. cume think positive, jangan pikir negative je. ape nak jadi~ oke sambung balik. hah, meh sini aku nak citer al kisah aku dan nasik lemak makcik kantin.

first day kat skola tuh, kitorang makan lambat sikit. dalam pukul 10 or 11 kot x silap. standard la kan, tataw nak makan pukul brape & time time bile yang betol betol ade makanan untuk cikgu. jadi kami bertiga pon makan la nasik lemak untuk students. gila lame kan? haha. i know -.-. then, bila dah makan sesuap rase pelik sangat sebab sangat xsedap! da la bijik bijik cili die x buang, terus campur sekali then buat sambal nasik lemak. hape la, makcik kantin tu tataw ke bijik cili tuh bahaya. bole kene appendics tahu?

source: google image.

makcik kantin tuh tataw ke sebelum blend cili kene buang biji die dulu? 

tapi, disebabkan aku lapo gila & perut dah masuk angin, aku gagahkan makan jugak. tapi biji cili tuh aku buang la. then, tengah makan tuh tetiba rase berbahang kat hujung lidah kat anak tekak tuh. rase pedas yang x surut-surut. aku ingat fenomena bese je & pikir lame lame hilang la tuh. tapi, nak taw x ape jadi??

rase pedas tuh x hilang! nak dipendekkan citer sebab aku tahu korang x suke bace panjang-panjang, esoknye pulak anak tekak haku bengkak & rase pedas tuh makin ketara. mase tuh Allah je taw pasaan aku. rase nak basuh sume rase pedas tuh kat lidah sebab sakit sangat. like seriously! then esoknye yakni hari rabu, taste buds aku mula membengkak & aku x boleh makan solid food T__T

senyum pon jadi pelik sebab lidah sakit. seriously pelik gamba ni, HAHAHA!

aku hanya bole makan bubur nasi or nasi air aka moi sup je. sampai aku makan cheesy wedges pon terasa amat amat amat pedas & perit. dasat x dasat? & bila aku cakap pon terasa sakit sebab lidah bergesel-gesel kat dalam mulut. hari rabu la paling teruk sangat sakitnye, macam climax la kirenye.

then aku amalkan minum air ais banyak banyak sebab ais bole kurangkan rase pedas tuh. aku jugak makan timun sebab timun kan bole kurangkan pedas. setiap mase aku minum air ais sebab pedas punye pasal. x bole minum air panas nanti lagi teruk. mase minum ais tuh aku nangis-nangis sebab sakit sangat sangat.

esoknye hari khamis da kurang sikit kot sakitnye. but still xboleh makan solid food lagi. klu makan pon sikit punye seksa nak kunyah. :'( sedey gile taw x -.- tapi nasib baik hari jumaat da oke & aku boleh makan solid food balik. sebab jumaat tu ade orang sponsor makan nasi tomato. nasib baik bole makan, klu x, melepas haku. tu pon jenuh nak kunyah jugak. rase macam first time kunyah 44 kali sebelum telan.

sakit hati terubat bila balek balek je ade 3 ekor makhluk ni buat quality time atas katil aku.
*ignore katil semak x sempat nak kemas -.-'

aku pon x taw la nape aku sorang je yang kene. yang 2 orang lagi tuh xda pape pon. maybe sebab aku jenis xtahan pedas kot. setiap kali makan pedas, mesti mata kanan aku mengalir air mate T___T. yang peliknye belah kanan je, belah kiri rileks je.

or maybe aku kuat bergosip & mengumpat orang? hey, sumpah aku da kurangkan aktiviti x sihat tuh tahun ni. azam baru kot xnak mengumpat orang -.-' xpe, pape pon Allah bagi dugaan kat aku, aku redha~ sebagai pengajaran pon actually.

so kawan-kawan, klu korang jenis xtahan pedas & makan benda yang terlampau pedas, better stop eating it. jangan teruskan makan macam haku. nanti lidah korang bengkak xdopek nak menikmati makan lagi.

klu nk tengok lebih jelas click je bagi besar. nanti letak beso-beso takot korang pengsan kegelian pulek.
tengok betapa besar & bengkak nye taste buds aku. yang merah-merah tuh la taste buds ok.

p/s: kesian kat bebudak skola tuh, camne la dorang makan nasik lemak yang pedas nak mampos tuh. sedangkan aku pon xtahan, apetah lagi mereka? oh kesian -.-

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Trend Report - Lace

Lace has been a popular trend for a few season's but for Spring/Summer 2011 antique style lace has become the obsession. The delicate material popped up in some of this Spring's biggest designer collections, including Erdem, Dolce & Gabbana and even Valentino. There are many different types of lace, but this season it's not so much about the stretch, allover lace, its reverting back to the classic antique-style.

I'm totally in support of this trend, mainly because thin super delicate lace is so dressy and there's usually a lack of opportunity to wear it. As you can see above I chose a thicker lace skirt in ivory paired with a bright top. And of course I’m wearing my beyond uh-mazing black cut-out ankle boots by Giuseppe Zanotti.

It seems the extreme feminine deigns are reigning supreme right now with lace and floral prints popping up all over town. Try to incorporate lace into your look this weekend. For a more subtle approach, ditch the denim and try a lace skirt. If you're confident in your love for lace go a step future and branch out in a lace dress or lace leggings. Below are some of my favorite celebrities rocking lace. Are you loving this trend?

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First Look: Baby Berman

Fash Boulevard has your first look at Baby Berman. Today Rachel Zoe tweeted, "The 2 loves of my life... @rbermanus and Skyler Morrison. My life is complete. xoRZ." She also shared the first picture of their new little love, Skyler Moorison Berman. He is beyond adorable. Loving Rodger and Rachel's matching outfits! 

Don't forget to check out Rachel Zoe's Go-To Fash, Click Here!
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Breaking News: Brad Gets His Own Show

Breaking news fash lovers. The bow-tie clad love of my life Brad Goreski has landed his very own show on Bravo. The working title is "It's a Brad Brad World." I'm already obsessed. This is a smart move on Bravo's behalf. 80 percent of the fun and charm from "The Rachel Zoe Project" was all because of the dashing Mr. Goreski. When word hit Hollywood the two had split ways, devastation hit. But now that I'll have two hours of pure fabulousness split between both shows, consider me the happiest girl alive. I can't wait to see what opportunities this brings to my wonderful Brad. He deserves every bit of it. His heart is as big as his love for Chanel and I can't wait to witness the many adventures of Hollywood's most talented stylist.

The Official press release stated "The quintessential trendsetter, and former Rachel Zoe assistant, is going into business for himself. “It’s a Brad Brad World” follows Goreski as he embarks on his new business venture and tries to maintain his personal life. The docu-series gives an all-access pass to an exciting year of career firsts including – Paris fashion week, the Cannes film festival, the men’s runway shows and the summer couture shows – and each new experience is sure to be sink or swim. As usual, all eyes are on Mr. Brad Goreski… but this time, he’s got everything at stake"

So exciting.  I'm literally jumping for joy as high as my Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos will allow me. Be sure to check out my last posts on Brad and see what he had to say about Fash Boulevard.

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