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Fucking Daaay grrrr

the most day that i hate is when i get menstruation. oh Gooooodd get awaaaaay from me. isn't a curse to us for carnal descent. every month when this day comes i have to be ready to combat this powerful fucking disease. Goooooooooosssssshhhhh !!!!

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Street Fash - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently stepped out with her super intense boyfriend Jason Stratham to catch a departing flight out of LAX. These Victoria's Secret models are really starting to take over the fashion scene as of late. Rosie killed it in an uber amazing brown and black hat paired with black leather pants and a fur vest. I'm also completely obsessed with her handbag and brown boots. Not everyone can seamlessly pull off the black/brown combo but Rosie executed it beautifully. This is one seriously fierce couple. Right? I can’t wait to see Rosie in the new Transformers movie. Is it possible for her to be this beautiful, have amazing style and act? I guess we'll see. Below are more pictures of Rosie’s beyond amazing look. Are you loving her LAX ensemble?

Something Extra: Check out the newest trailer for the upcoming Transformers movie. It looks super expensive and amazing! 

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It's 1 May~

hey, its 1 may already. like seriously? 1 may? amaaigaadd time just fly away :p

no, im not going to write about labour day. like hello? im not even working yet. how am i suppose to write about it? yes i know, at least i got to enjoy the holidays heee. the main point here is about my 3rd year anniversary.

oh macam x percaya umur hubungan aku dan dia sudah menjangkau 3 tahun. apedaa skema gune menjangkau
 -.- thank god that we still stick together after 3 years. hey, 3 years is not a short time ya know. of course we had to face so many obstacles in between. 

& yeah, i made a mistake once & i never ever want to repeat that stupid mistake again. sorry once again dear for that stupid thing i've made :'(

i realised that we've been fighting and arguing for so many times lately. sampai air mata da kering untuk meratapi naseb eceh! & sampai aku da naik fedap & penat & bosan asyik gado je. T_T & i've made up my mind to accept whatever u want to do. i know, im bad for not supporting u. yeah, imma really bad awek. errr. sometimes we have to tolerate for our relationship's sake eventho we dont like what our spouse want to do. yeah, toleration is the best thing to make a relationship last long. 

i love u lah gemok that's why i cant live without u :')

*bughuk lantok!*
erghh, i hate it when he wears that thang around his neck and around his wrist too -.-'

& i hope we can be together until we married dear. ihik *gatei* Happy 3rd Anniversary busuk!

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Greaatt News!!!

actually we're fight just awhile. of course he mad to me cause my behavior not tell him that was my brother humm sorry baby, i love you. i just know it when you leave me. i'm sorry Christian muaaaaaaaaaacchhh :D
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how i can get this stuff ???!!!


Nicole Richie - Baby2Baby

Nicole Richie recently appeared at a swanky Hollywood charity event for Baby2Baby looking simply stunning. The event which took place at The Pailhouse in West Hollywood was filled with celebs, including an adorably preggers Jessica Alba.  For those of you who don't know, Baby2Baby is an organization that supplies families in need with essential things for their new additions and these two style mavens are actually board members for this charity. Nicole killed it in a gorgeous velvet dress paired with a snakeskin clutch and nude pumps. Of course in true Nicole Richie style she layered on the accessories literally from head to toe. I love how she pairs her jewelry with her ensembles and always stacks on the bangles. Don’t forget to note her faint worthy cocktail rings. Are you loving Mrs. Richie Madden’s look?

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Sweet Sundaaay Night

to much eat no influence AT ALL to make my body become fuller. from place to place we move to make a great captured with a different background haha and with the same dress :D

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greeny daaayy :D

with this greeny day actually that was a hot hoooott daaaaayy. my sista took this pict this shooting is my plan and i think my phone cam 'm siding to me. thnks A LOTT!!

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Fash Fave - Marisa Miller

While attending a meeting at MTV studios with hubby Griffin Guess, the stunning Marisa Miller looked so beyond uh-mazing I had to snatch her up as my FASH FAVE of the week. Her skin tight black leggings are beyond, her graphic tee has the perfect edge and the addition of the leather jacket is superb. Marisa paired the look with long necklaces and fierce Christian Louboutin heels. I'm completely envious of her rocker chic ensemble from head to two. Then again with a Victoria Secret sponsored body it doesn't take much to look gorgeous. Word in the hills is that Marisa is in talks to host the U.S. version of "X Factor." I'm wild over this idea. She's perfect Simon. Grab her while you can. I'm ready to have a new style icon on my DVR! It seems everyone is gaga for the ultra fabulous runway expert these days. Are you loving her rocker look?

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Fash Fail - Miley Cyrus

This week Disney starlet Miley Cyrus stepped out in LA's most beautiful hidden city, Toluca Lake. There are literally only a few streets in Toluca Lake to which Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, Steve Carell and even Miss Miley call home. Unfortunately it looks like Miley sent her incredible stylist Simone Harouche on a vaca and decided to dress herself. The product unfortunately lands her as my Fash Fail for the week. Miley's black skinny jeans, faded striped sweatshirt and black tote scream all kinds of wrong and I'm really not a fan of her strappy flats either. The ensemble is far too over sized, miss matched, and does nothing for her figure. Maybe if she swapped the black skinny jeans for white ones or even shorts and topped it off with a white bag it would have been better... but not much. Sorry Miley. Next time make sure to have Simone lay out your looks for every day she's off with another client. What do you think of Miley's ensemble?

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hye sume~

im proud to announce that im in ipoh now! home sweet home~ i'll be on holidays for approximately 5 days. weeehuuu! best gilaaaa. sayang IPSAH sebab super busy dengan konvo jadi kelas pon xda jadi haku boleh duduk rumah lame-lame. hekkk. keji gile haku. suke ambik kesempatan.

meet my new babies <3

& my lazybump + fat + pondan Boy <3

so, for this errr 5 days holidays, im going to learn literature from my father. yeah, because i didnt understand a thing of what my lecturer has thought in the class. like seriously. but i cannot blame her because literature is not her major & i know how much she hates it. errr. can u imagine that u use to hate a subject during college & now, as a lecturer, u're going to teach to your students the subject that u hate the most? erghh, scary huh? so, the moral of the story is, dont ever hate any subjects ok? it will soon haunt u. @__@

& tomorrow, i'll be going to the PWTC for the book fair yeayyy!! cant wait to see my favourite author ever Mr Ramleee Awang Murshid. he's the best ok. & he'll be launching his new book entitled Sutera Bidadari, a continuation of the Laksamana Sunan trilogy. if u're a fan of this trilogy, u should know. so, its only a one day trip. i'll take a train in the morning & go back home at night also by a train.

oh and today is the Royal Wedding. make sure u dont miss it ok. congratulations to Prince William & Catherine Middleton. <3<3

Fabulous Friday: Royal Wedding

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sure you are all glued to your televisions and computers trying to catch the first glimpse of Kate Middleton on her road to becoming the Princess. Amongst all of the royal excitement I thought it would only be proper for me to pick out what I would wear to the royal wedding… in the event I was invited. I racked my brain of my favorite dresses from the runway and pulled together some options. I’m obsessing over Lanvin, Christian Siriano, Marchesa and Isaac Mizrahi. Below are some of my fabulous picks of what I would wear to the royal wedding. Like the majority of the world I love following Kate’s style and as far as I'm concerned it's not Kate who is marrying into royalty, it's royalty that's marrying into fashion. Can’t wait to see what gown or, fingers crossed, gowns she wears! I know they are going to be beyond fabulous. Which would you wear if you were invited to the royal wedding?


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Trend Report - Rompers

Whether you call it a onesie, playsuit, or a romper this ultra light and super fun trend simply can not be ignored. This one-piece shirt and short combo may be my absolute favorite go-to fash this spring/summer. Not only are they ultra comfy but they're super stylish as well. Dark colored rompers tend to be more flattering but you can also opt for a cute floral or geometric print to add a flirty flair. Pair printed rompers with a cardigan or vest for added style and cinch in the waist with a belt if want to accentuate your shape. Also add a cardigan to your casual rompers to dress them up and help transition them into evening. Above I'm wearing a one shoulder romper while on my Jamaican vacation. Below are some of my favorite celebrities rocking rompers. Are you loving this trend?



Something Extra: If you love this trend and wanna add a romper to your closet this summer you're in the right place. I have pulled some super cute and affordable rompers available online at Forever 21. Click the picture to get the look.



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