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Fash Love - Cheryl Cole


In an attempt to lessen my sadness over her recent firing as 1/4 of the judging panel for the US version of X Factor, I've decided to celebrate some of Cheryl Cole's best fashion moments. The British sweetheart rarely steps out looking less than perfect. I am obsessed with her style and extensive designer wardrobe. Not to mention her shoe collection is to die for. I'm not going to lie, I was more than ready to fall in fashion love with Cheryl on Simon Cowell's singing competition. Firing her because of her "thick" accent and rumored issues with Paula Abdul is not only cold, but also seriously disappointing. We can only hope that Cheryl will find another way to flaunt her fashion on this side of the world sometime soon. Which look are you obsessing over?

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Mid Year Giveaway by Nisa Menaip.


haa ni first time aku nak join giveaway ni. sebab hadiah die sangat banyak & sangat sangat menarik hati. phew! mane la taw ade rezeki aku dapat first prize kan kan? :P

so ni banner giveaway tuh. click banner untuk ke blog nisa.

banner mid-year GA

& ni adalah senarai sponsors yang sponsor hadiah untuk giveaway ni :

so jom join giveaway ni ramai-ramai okeh. lagi ramai lagi meriah. hurry! this giveaway will end on 6th June. so, good luck peeps.

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Review Filem Karak.


yeah, ni first time aku nak buat review filem ni taw. sebab aku rase filem ni amat unik bagi aku & nak bagitaw pendapat peribadi aku pasal filem ni dekat korang sume.

aku masuk panggung 30 minit lambat sebab ade masalah teknikal sikit. mase aku masuk tuh tang dorang kat highway karak & tetiba wolkswagen kuning muncul. kira oke la tuh baru nak start action kann. xda la rase rugi sangat.

macam si Fathin Zulkifli cakap, dont put up high expectations on movies sebab yela, everyone knows that this is the first horror movie made by KRU productions. so mesti la semua orang akan expect yang ni cerita hantu yang terbaik dari yang lain-lain sebab KRU kan hebattt.

at first aku rase kecewa jugak la after keluar panggung. rase rugi duet RM13 untuk cerita hantu yang x seram langsung ni. yela, what do u expect from an horror movie? mesti la expect cite ni seram gila padahal x pon. of coz u'll be a bit dissapointed. 

okay ni agak seram T__T

but when i think back about the positive side, of coz there are some advantages of watching this movie. banyak pengajaran yang kite boleh dapat dari movie ni. i remembered some lines from Tok Malam's dialogue. he said "jangan takat menghafal ja ayat kursi tuh, hafal makna nya sekali" pehh, memang aku terasa la kan. sebab taw menghafal je surah tuh without knowing its meaning. i bet korang pon macam tu kan? 

of course the moral values i got from this movie are all from the religious perspectives. sikit sebanyak bole la jugak sedarkan aku dalam bab bab agama ni kann. 

ok, that's one point. another point is i think KRU wants to make a little bit of twist or a difference in malay horror movies. not like that typical malay horror movies yang klu ade hantu je ade tok bomoh, ustaz, pawang dengan asap kemenyan bagai. oh that sort of things does not exist in this movie. xpayah le korang ternanti-nanti scene tok bomoh menghalau hantu. tok yang ade tok malam je, hehh. 

korang penah tengok x stephen king's horror movies?  aku rase KRU nak tiru movies stephen king. bukan la tiru, but more to adaptation. dorang nak larikan konsep typical horror malay movies and jadikan macam western horror movies pulak. sebab tu le x seram derr. korang penah tengok ke western horror movies yang seram? xda kot. hantu-hantu dorang sume x menyeramkan langsung. x macam hantu melayu, hantu jepun, siam etc. boleh kate all asian ghosts are scary ok.

dari segi teknik CGI usah citer la kan. KRU memang handal bab-bab tuh. memang terbaik la bagi haku. but then, ade jugak one or two things yang nampak a bit cacat la. tuh korang cari sendiri, aku xnak citer, haha.

*die ni sexy nk mampos, menyampah pulak aku tengok -.-'

ni aku sukaa. nampak innocent je, hehh.

so, i think that's it that i want to comment about this movie. overall aku bagi 6/10 . so what say u about this movie? boleh la komen-komen. 

p/s: all pics are from google :)

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Saman Pertama.

oke ni sume salah radie sebab parking kt tempat yang x sepatutnya. kan dah kene saman. erghh

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Summer Perfect Shorts

Over the holiday weekend I spent most of my time oceanside in the ultra beautiful Orange Country. The sun was shining, the water was sparkling, and I was enjoying every relaxing second. When it comes to summer essentials, cute shorts are simply a must. Currently my favorite pair for this season is my white linen shorts which you can see in my recent Shopping Venice post. They go great with so many different tops and blouses. After spotting a crazy amount of super adorable shorts over the long weekend, I decided to pull some of my favorite pairs from Click the picture to shop the look. Are you going to be rocking shorts this summer?

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Gucci Resort 2012

The first line from Gucci's 2012 collection is their always chic resort line, created by the ultra genius Frida Giannini. The seven looks are beautifully filled with golds, nudes and color blocking. In 2006, after working her way to the top at Gucci, Frida Giannini became the creative director for the entire brand. She is also responsible for the new concept of the Gucci stores and ad campaigns which include Claire Dane's and James Franco. Though I'm not completely obsessing over all of the pieces, the collection is beautiful and showcases perfect touches of resort inspired style. I simply cannot wait to see what other amazing designs are to come from Gucci, especially with their 90th birthday quickly approaching. Are you loving this resort collection?

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Budak Patah Kaki.


so after we had done our lunch at Kenny Rogers, we headed to Hospital Ipoh to visit my brother. oh, to those who dont know, my bro had an accident last tuesday & his thigh had broken. pity him. the operation was held last saturday ( 28.5) which was 3 days after his accident. the reason was he must queue for the operation as there were people who were more critical than him. urghh -.- nak x nak kene tunggu la jugak kann. what to do.

at the hospital, Radhi met my whole family except for my father, one of my aunts and my uncle. heee. i donno what he feels back then. scared? nervous? i know he felt nervous when he saw my mom. i can see it in his eyes, kihkih~ u cant hide it from me la dear :P

ni la pehanye yang patah dua. erkk.

ni la ghope budak sakit.

my aunts.

awek die pon ade~ hiks

muka x ikhlas nak makan.

errr T_T

atok ku yang comels.

adik akak, hehehh

my bro will be discharge in 2-3 days. xtau the exact date bila. now, he can move using a wheelchair. abes la lepas ni jadi usop wilcha. ce cite ce cite~

so please pray for my brother's health. hope he can recover as soon as possible although i know it will take months for him to be able to walk like normal people again. xpela, anggap la ni satu ujian ye. so die boleh beringat la lepas ni jangan gatai nak bawak motor laju-laju lagi. T_T
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Go-To Fash - Mary Kate Olsen


When it comes to Olsen fashion it's no doubt that Mary Kate is the stand out. Maybe in a negative light to some people but I personally love her style. Amidst the chaos and under all of the layering, Mary Kate always rocks top designers and continues to be a trend setter. When it comes to color, black is certainly Mary Kate's favorite go-to fash style. Whether it be leggings, trench coats or boots MK always finds a way to incorporate black into her wardrobe. A tactic that I'm sure adds mystery to the already beyond interesting twins. Below are some of Mary Kate's most recent black moments. Are you loving MK's go-to fash?

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