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AMW Reviews: ES Lashes By askmewhats

All makeup artists should have at least a set of false lashes in their makeup train case.  I myself have hoarded so much at Landmark (the famous Landmark lashes) and I've also hoarded a whole lot more during my Hong Kong trips and it was funny how it was checked during our transit to Shenzhen and I was questioned why I have so many False Lashes in my hand carry bag!  I had to explain to them that I am a makeup artist!  During those times, I thought I was hoarding too much!  But now, looking back, I wished I've purchased more!  The quality are great and the price is really good for approximately Php35.00-45.00 (approx $0.80-$1.00).
Don't get me wrong, the Landmark lashes are great but there are only few choices of their lashes I really like, the natural ones!  What if clients wanted more dramatic lashes?  Some of the Landmark lashes are plastic-y!  
Maggie of KKCenterHK emailed me asking me if I wanted to try their ES Lashes.  I checked their website first on their pricing before I said yes!  I don't want to effort myself reviewing products that are more expensive than what's offered down here!
After checking the prices and the variety of their lashes!  I was impressed and I said yes in giving them a test!  After a month or more, the lashes have landed!

False Lashes were neatly placed in a black box

ES Lashes say ---
  • Lots Of 10 Pairs
  • Brand New In Retail Packaging
  • Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
  • Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
  • False Eyelash With Box Package
  • Suitable For Any Personage
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

AMW says ---
  • Each lashes are displayed in their rightful location inside the box.
  • Many styles to choose from.
  • Very natural lashes.
  • Not plastic-y and does not hurt the eyes upon right application.
  • Inexpensive for the quality.
  • Comparable to branded lashes.
  • Reusable if well taken care off.
  • They automatically mark this as "gift".  I am hoping most postal office will take this seriously! 
  • Shipping rate is not that bad if you chose the regular shipping method.
  • Have to purchase online which means long waiting time!
  • For some who needs to pick this up in this postal office (like myself), its a huge hassle!
I am impressed with the quality of these lashes!  Some are even comparable to Ardell lashes!  The thing is, I am not impressed with our postal office services :( I had to pick them up at the Main Post Office (Quiapo) and its not delivered straight the post office nearest our area! :(  I guess that's the only setback!  I really like to order these lashes because they are really inexpensive for the quality but its the long wait and the hassle that would probably stop me from purchasing :(

  • Do not yank the lashes out prior to usage, instead, use a tweezer and gently pull out the lashes.
  • Put the lash on your upper lash line without the glue to check if the length is okay.  Cut if necessary.
  • Handle lash careful with both hands as you bend it a bit to maintain its curvature.
  • If you plan to reuse the false lashes, gently remove them and glen the band with a makeup remover to remove makeup and glue.
  • If you plan to reuse the false lashes, I would strongly suggest not to apply mascara directly onto the falsies.
  • You can share shipping costs with fellow false lashes enthusiasts to save on shipping.
  • If you want to see step-by-step tutorial on how to apply falsies, smile and click HERE.
Will I repurchase?
Yes, definitely but I may have to ask favor from friends who will be visiting HK to help me pick these up.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Makeup artists like myself who needs to have gazillions of false lashes available inside their makeup kit.
Individuals who loves to use false lashes on a daily basis.

Where to purchase and how much?
Online KKCenterHK between the range of $2.50-$12.00 (approx Php110.00-Php528.00) depending on lashes quality and material.  Please include shipping costs of Php31.00 (approx $0.70) per box.  You can have them calculate the total shipping rate prior to payment.

A10 Handmade Soft Black False Eyelashes
$11.68 (approx Php513.92) for box of 10 pairs
Very soft to touch and each pair are done with care! Feels like natural lash hairs.  
Very full and there are no space in between hairs.
A24 Clear Liner Short to Long Cross Fake Eyelashes
$5.40 (approx Php237.00) for box of 10 pairs
Lashes have this "firmer" touch.  Synthetic lashes but does not look like one!  Using this false eyelash would enhance a cat-eye look because of the longer at the outer corner.

A134 Handmade Clear Line Black Natural False Lashes
$7.49 (approx Php330.00) for box of 10 pairs
Gives out a more dramatic full lashes look.  Hair is very soft and the band is made of clear line which won't give out an obvious "line" most false lashes would give.  The longest part of the lashes is located at the middle portion which can give a wide-eye look!

A715 Black False Eyelashes
$10.94 (approx Php481.36) for box of 10 pairs
The lash band itself is made of a string instead of plastic which makes the false lashes very flexible!  Will take extra effort to apply as it does not have the "curve" most false lashes have.  Hair is very soft and full.  Alternate long and short hairs for a dramatic eyes.

A801 Handmade Clear Line Black False Eyelashes
$4.87 (approx Php214.00) for box of 10 pairs
Clear lash band for a more natural look.  Lash hairs are synthetic.  This is the perfect "Twiggy-look" lashes.

A020 Clear Liner Short Lower Eyelashes
$6.84 (approx Php301.00) for box of 10 pairs
Curved perfectly to fit the lower lashline.  Synthetic hairs but very soft to touch and looks very natural.
You will see me use these lashes on clients and on some of my FOTDs so do watch out for it!
Thanks to KKCenterHK for the trust in my blog to give these lashes a test!

Will give you update if there are some changes on my reviews on these products!

Not sure if you are into false lashes?
Does it makes a huge difference on your eye looks?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Thank you, askmewhats
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