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This post is long overdo!! I took a little break from blogging because for one I'm no writer. I actually love blogging and reading blogs. I may mis-spell some words from time to time but I'm eager to get my words out and onto my blog. But at any rate I will continue on blogging and do know that I may not always spell check but I will do better with that. Anywho let the sale begin!!

The items listed I tried to catergorize by price. I will ship items but it would have to be more than 3 items that I'm shipping. Also depending on the price of the items that have to be shipped there may be more of a shipping charge but I will do what I can to keep the shipping prices low. If you are in the DC/MD/VA area you can pick the items up. I also have some items for sale/giveaway that are not shown so if you come and pick your items up I will throw in something extra. This also may be the case with items shipped.

Pressed Powders/MAC $15 a piece(not sure of the numbers but they are MAC) Blush Palette $5!

MAC Eyeshadow/Blush Palette's $5(each)!! Inglot palette 2 available 1 brand new in box $2(each)

Elf cream eyeshadow, Elf bronzer, NYC bronzer,RCMA No color loose powder and pink tone loose powder, Cornsilk loose powder, eyebrow sealer and elf illuminator. $1(each)!!!! Take them all for $6!

Inglot palettes I mentioned above $2 each!

Ulta eyeshadows, Sally girl bronzer, NYX bronze blush, ELF blush and Ruby kisses lipgloss! Everything is $1 each!! Take them all for $5!!

Everything is $1 each!!

Some Beauty from the Earth pigments and some Heavenly Naturals pigments in the mix. Everything is $1!!!

MAC pigment "Madly Personal". I bought the same pigment 3 times!! I guess I like it! Lol $10!! Still in the box! Never used and never opened or swatched!!

Graftobian pressed powder not sure of the color or number $5!!

Blush and Neutral eyeshadow palette and concealer palette from ebay! Used. $5 for both or $3 each!!

EYELASHES!! $1 each or take them all for $5!!

Makeup Forever Eyelashes!! Still in box never worn or used!! I also have a green pair somewhere! Sorry but these were expensive!! $10!

MAC foundations! $10 each. I believe the colors are NC20, NC25, NC40 and NW55. (The last two I'm pretty sure about!)

Some Cinema Secrets I depotted. $5!!

The next items I'm listing I will take Best offer! I'm pooped!!

Bed Head Palette opened! Used maybe once or twice!

The NARS "Silent Night" It's brand new. I bought it by mistake and when I got home it was cracked. Too lazy to take it back to the sephora. I guess it can be repressed.

This concludes the items that are for sale. I hope that you see something you like. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment. You may also send me an email at . Thanks!!