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Feathery Finale By xcharmed-chickx

Hello beautiful blogging ladies

Hope you are all well this week.

So this is the last installment in feather lashes, i have finally had chance to sit down and work out what colors i wanted to use for the final set of lashes kindly sent to me by kkcenterhk.
I have to say that these weren't my favorite set of lashes when i first received them but once i worked of a nice color combination with them i have to say that they look pretty good. :)

I am sure by now that everyone knows of the cool lashes on offer from kkcenterhk but i will put a link below so that you can all check out the other item they have on offer, i personally would love to get some of the awesome lady Gaga wigs that they have they look soo cool :D

kkcenterhk link

On to the pictures :)

This is the lashes used in this look, you can find these on the kkcenterhk site click the link above.

Products used

As in previous posts i haven't posted a list of the products i have used but if anyone has any questions about the products please feel free to ask. :)

So what do you think of the final installment of feather lashes??

Thank you, xcharmed-chickx
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