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KKcenterHk ES Brand Review By dolcevanity

When I die, they`ll probably auction off my false eyelashes. - Bette Davis

False eyelashes are that staple makeup accessory that can make your eye makeup look so polished off and desirable OR make you look like a fool.

I love false eyelashes in recent months I haven't worn them as much as I once use to because I'm steadily growing back onto the mascara look. I was asked by KKCenterHK if I would like to review their false eyelashes, I agreed.

The chosen brand ES A254

My false eyelashes arrived during a blogging hiatus and I had worn a few during that time.
They blend in quite well with my natural eyelashes ( my eyelashes have been curled & applied with mascara )

I love the invisible band strip that they have it makes them that much more natural when applied to the actual lashes. If you apply your eyelashes correctly they should feel comfortable and almost feel as though you are not even wearing false eyelashes. **bonus**

Invisible Band StripSometimes I had to mix & match to get a similar looking pair ( some had longer outer corners than others )
Natural LookingNo glue ( but I'm okay with that )
Light-weightMust have scissors on hand, due to the extra banding that is there to hold down the eyelashes while in the box ( goes under the gold stickers )

Either way I'm pleased with them.

You can view a range of different false eyelashes & even wigs from KKcenterHk

The pair I have are priced at £5.45

Visit KKcenterHk for more

Thank you, dolcevanity
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