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KKCenterHK False Lashes Review By ferahfezasfavourites

Hello girls;

a few days ago "KKCenterHK" offered me a pair of false lashes to try and share my opinions.
I said"yes" and they sent so quickly.
I chosed "A 63" natural look lashes.

KKCenterHK is a webshop based in Hong Kong that offers all sorts of beauty products: makeup, eyeshadows, nail stuff, false lashes, wigs and so more.

Here is "A63" lashes.
Click here to see on KKCenterHK
My eyes, without lashes and make up.

(The manufacturer assures us that if we use the lashes gently we'll be able to re-use them.)
I really love this lashes,they look so natural and easy to use.

I honestly write this post and really glad to try them.

Thanks KKCenterHK.

(Take a look at their web page, their prizes are really cheap and products are high quality also the shipping is really  quick.)
Thank you, ferahfezasfavourites
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