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KKcenterhk - Product Review - Blushers By fashion-beautyx

A few days ago I was sent a few more products from KKcenterhk to test and review.
The main products i choose to review were blushers.


In my opinion, i really didnt like this blusher palette.
I was excited to recieve them and was soo hoping they would work well with my skin.
I had to rub them onto my skin a few times to get the right color.

You get a white, pale pink and a dark brown in this palette
None of which are my colors but i was hoping to mix and match to get a nice color.
The price is quite cheap for a palette at $9.97 but i dont think i'd spend my money on this product. Really didnt do me any favours and i most likely wont be using this again.



 Now i actually liked this little blusher. It went on easily on my skin and i didnt have to work so hard to get the right color. I'd probably wear this more through-out the summer as it's probably abit bright for other seasons.
 Also it's a nice size to just throw inside my handbag. These blushers are quite cheap at $3.30 for one and the packaging is also really cute.

Overall the small blusher won over the palette mainly because it was soo much easier to apply.
Go check out the website:
They have some cool stuff there. If your a big fan of false eyelashes then you will love this site. They have a wide selection of false lashes to die for.

Thank you, fashion-beautyx
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