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Look of the Day - Garden Green By threenothing

So my last post about Circle lens, I said that the purple is my least favorite~~~but since i bought it, i thought i might as well just take full use of it right??? so what looks good with purple??? the first colour that pops to my mind is green~~~so i decide to do a Garden Green Look~~~

Click to see large picture

here is the close up of the eye:
eyes Open
Eyes Closed
So in order to a compliment the purple I used mostly greens, but with a bit of purple liner on my lower lash line, i think it really matches with the eyeshadow and the purple circle lens~~~and recently ive being obsessed with falsies~~~they are just sooo convenient, and looks effortless~~~lol

i think this look would work on any eye colours...even if you have green eyes, the hint of purple will make your eyes shine~~~i mean if you have green eyes, you can try and use all purple on the lower lash line instead just use a eyeliner~~~

I think this look is great for picnic~~~or beach-side barbeque~~~

here is what i used:
Laura Geller BakedShadow in Dark Green
BourJois Shadow in Vert
Japanese Green Shadow Palette
SmashBox Dark Green Liner
Bourjois Purple Liner
Red Earth Blush 
Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick in Crush
Buxom Beauty Liploss in Celeste
A88 Sponsored By KKCenterHK
Circle Lens:
GEO Tri-Colour Purple

i was send these lashes along with the last box, qualitywise they are about the same, not bad, pretty average, again the band is a bit stiff, but nothing that bugs me too much. But even though this pair has a shorter lash, but i thought the effect it gives is pretty good~~~very dolly-look-ish~~~
The only Complain about these one is that once you start to use them, it is pretty hard to store them cuz once you cut them short to fit your lashline, they can no longer fit into the little holes on the carbord~~but other than that, its alrite~~~~

So how do you like this look???? how would you wear it??? is there anything that i could've done better??? or is there anything you would've done differently??? let me know down in the comment section

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.
Thank you, threenothing
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