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Nail of the Day: Thursday 23rd June, 2011

This week I have been feeling really sick and I haven't been in too much of a happy mood so I decided to paint my nails to make me feel better. The nail polish I chose to use is called China Glaze "Wagon Trail" and is from their Rodeo Diva Collection from 2008. (I currently only have pictures from my old blog to post of my nail polish so I'll update this properly another time.)

As you can see it is a black with a deep golden shimmer. In some lights it can have an olive green look to it but its really is black and gold and is very unique.

I haven't found anything else like this in all my nail polish searching (mind you, I'm not as hung up on nail polish as some people).

I felt like this was the perfect colour for me at the moment because its been so cold and gloomy at my place the past few days with it being winter, I felt like I needed a dark base with a gold flash that might brighten up my day.