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Nail of the Day: Tuesday 28th June, 2011

I decided to change my nail colour today because my previous nail polish had been chipping with the things that I had been during my week.

Yesterday was my 8 months with my boyfriend, Stuart, so I got him to pick out this nail colour for me. China Glaze "Gussied Up Green" is a blackened dark blue green which shines really bright when the light hits it. This polish is also from the Rodeo Diva Collection (2008) like the last nail polish I posted.

This was definitely my favorite polish from this collection because I don't own that many green nail polishes and I love the darker tone of this.

I really love wearing dark colours like this in winter. I like how they appear really dark on their own but when the light hits them the show up a flash of colour. What are your favorite polishes for winter?