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Review: COSMOS Individual Lash Flares By jilliandanica

I'm a fan of strip falsies, but have always shied away from individual lashes simply because I never knew how to put the dang lil buggers on!

When KKCenterHK offered to send me more lashes to review, I opted for individual ones so I could finally demystify them. I requested the COSMOS 987 Knot Free Combo Pack and 982 Knotted Combo Pack.

Price: $6.20 per box
I think the price is steep considering you can purchase similar products for around $4 or less at your local beauty supply store.

Each set is packaged in a plastic box (mine were damaged a bit during shipping) and each tray has 4 rows with 14 lash flares (56 flares total, but website says 88). Set 987 has 3 different sizes: 1 row of short, 2 rows of medium, and 1 row of long. Set 982 has 2 different sizes: 2 rows of medium and 2 rows of long.

My experience and thoughts: 
The 987 lashes are the most comfortable out of the two to wear since they literally feel like nothing and disappear into your natural lashes. These were trickier to apply since they're more delicate (I ripped a couple in half pulling them off the tray) and there isn't a knot for the glue to naturally hang on to. I dipped the ends up to the point before they flared out and placed it on top of my natural lashes. I had to keep my eyes close longer since any slight movement would adjust the placement of the lash. Once the glue dried I could barely find them! I could get away with no eyeliner using these ones.

The 982 lashes are comfortable but don't disappear as nicely into your natural lashes. You would still need some eyeliner to mask the knots. However, these knots make application a breeze! The glue has a place to hang onto and you can just lay them slightly above your lash line.

With each set, I used Duo Dark glue and tweezers to apply, a precision lash curler to curl certain sections and mascara to blend them into my natural lashes.

Here's my eyes with no lashes, just eyeliner and mascara. I applied mascara first because it made for a stronger base for the flares.

On each eye I applied the knotted versions on the outer ends and the knot-free towards the inner. I applied more flares at the ends of the left for more drama. The right has less for a more natural look.

Overall: Applying these are not as difficult as I thought they would be. They may actually be EASIER than strip lashes. However, they are more time consuming! What I love about these is how comfortable they feel! These are great if you want to add fullness and/or length to specific areas. These are also great if your eyes don't fit strip lashes very well or are asymmetric since you can control the placement of each lash and balance out wherever necessary. One downside about individual lashes is the removal of them. If you aren't careful, your natural lashes may come off with the flares. I found this to be an issue more so with the knot free version than the knotted. Overall, I'm really happy with these and I'm glad I took some time to try them out.

Have you played with individual lashes before? If you have, I would love to hear any tips or tricks to improve application.