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Review: KKcenterHk False Eyelashes By prettyedgynails

A few weeks ago I received an email from KKcenterHk a Hong Kong based company to review some of their false eyelashes. Please remember that I give my honest opinion regardless of products being sent.

Anyway... They make false eyelashes, makeup, wigs, clothes, sunglasses, nail products and much more! While I haven't tried any items other than the false eyelashes, the prices of other products are very reasonable and if their other products are the same quality of their eyelashes then I think they probably are really good(:

The eyelashes I was sent were the ES A66, which are the Clear Band Black Natural Fake Lashes. They come in a small black box and there are 10 pairs in this set.

These are $8 US and the prices of lashes range from $1.50 US to $23.50 US. A single pair is typically around $1.50 US to $6ish US, including natural and feather lashes! A set of 10 is around $5 US to $15 US depending on the set. Then the most expensive sets of 10 that are around $23 US and are typically the All-Belle brand. 
I can't say what the shipping cost is, but they take around 7 to 14 days to receive. I think this is actually pretty quick since they are coming from Hong Kong. 

Overall of the company:

  • Many options in every category!
  • Prices are really reasonable
  • Quick Shipping
  • Paypal (which I feel is always safest)
  • Very friendly customer service (my person experience)
  • The packaging was in a padded envelope (wish it was in a box) so product did get slightly squished
  • Lashes do not come with glue, but you can buy glue on their website. (Then again most lashes you buy don't come with glue so this isn't really unusual.)

ES A66 Individual Review:

Like I said before these are Clear Band Black Natural False lashes. When I first received these I felt like they were really unnatural and super long but I decided to wear them for around 6 hours anyway. When I first applied these I still felt like they were super long but that they actually felt really comfy. They are a little heavier than human hair lashes and the band is SLIGHTLY thicker than my typical Ardell lashes, but I don't mind at all. After the 1st hour I started liking how long they were and after 2 hours I mostly forgot I had them on. I did some cleaning and errands around the day and they stayed on through out the 6 hours. Let me say that I sweat EXTREMELY easily and many times lashes start to peel off when sweat hits them, but these stayed put! I feel like the fact the band is slightly thicker it makes them adhere better. I also want to add that I used my typical glue so it isn't the glue that changed the results. 

BTW, I lost my lash curler so I feel like these would have blended better if I had curled my lashes. I really feel like they are extremely nice. I ended up loving the look, but I do wanna say that I do think they are a TAD too long for morning wear. So I'd wear these out to dinner or to a party if you don't want to go crazy dramatic. They do look really natural just slightly too long. 

The pictures (above & below) show how long they are and the tips do touch my eyebrows (which I'm letting grow out). 


  • Extremely afforadable
  • So many options for EVERYONE's taste
  • Slightly larger band (may be a con for some)
  • Not heavy (compared to most overall lash brands)
  • Reusable (as long as you remove them properly)
  • Comes in a set of 10
  • Adhere well
  • Natural looking
  • Wonderful for those just learning to use falsies
  • Great for a casual night out and a nice (formal) day event.
  • A little TOO long
  • Heavier than (my typical) Ardell lashes
  • May be too much on small eyes or those with sparse lashes.

Final Judgement
I love these, they are beautiful. KKcenterHk has so many lash options and they are so affordable and I am definitely gonna buy some pairs that are fun and extreme for EOTD!

Who I recommend these for:
For anyone just learning to use falsies because they are cheap and many come in pairs of 10 so if you mess one up you still have 9 more pairs. I also feel like these are wonderful for veterans of falsies because I feel like the quality is just as good as expensive brands and the options are just wonderful.

Seriously go check this site out and buy some falsies now!!! haha!

Where to buy?:
Heres the website: KKcenterHk!
The link to the specific lashes I'm wearing: ES A66

PS. They look great with glasses on! Which is a plus for me (:

Thank you, prettyedgynails
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