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[sponsored post] Lashes from KKCenterhk! ++ random things from yesterday! ((^^ )) By jeongie

Happy wednesday everyone! ((^^))
And welcome to my first sponsered review post! :33


Some days ago I was contacted by KKCenterhk who asked me if I wanted to do a sponsorship with them. I was very glad that they wanted to do that so of course I said yes! 

They gave me 4 different kind of lashes to choose between and I picked the ES A111 lashes ~ ^^
Now to the pictures! >>

The lashes

The box

Close up

And trying them on! ~~ :O 
With no lashes. D: Look at my own almost non-existing lashes aw! T__T;;

Lashes on one eye. 

Lashes on both.
(Sorry it's hard to see it on the left (right for you) eye because of the light! >_<)

And with two pair on each eye!

Wuptiduh! ^___^

What they promise on their site:

· Lots Of 10 Pairs
· Brand New In Retail Packaging
· Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
· Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
· False Eyelash With Box Package
· Suitable For Any Personage
· Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

Note to number 3 - I think must lashes sites say this, but these actually work! (again, see photos above)! I was very impressed over the difference between with and without lashes! Yay! <3

As you might have noticed from my previous posts, I love big lashes! BUT! I thought it was about time I found some which I could use for everyday-wear, and that is why I chose these! 

I wasn't sure at all, if they would look good on me or even be noticeable! D: 
But as you can see, they actually are! o_o I might go with the double layers though, as I still think my stupid mono-lids are "eating" too much of the poor lashes!
But that is just my own thoughts about my eyes XD Nothing wrong with the lenses! 

Design: I like the design of these lashes, because they are very simple but still stand out. I think that on people with longer eyelashes and maybe double-lids they will look more natural than on me ^_^

Comfort: Very comfortable! I've had so many problems with lashes that have been kinda poking me in the corner of my eyes because they had too sharp ends on the lashes band. But these are super nice! 

Reusability: I've only used them once so far, but it already seems that they will last longer than most other lashes I've tried. As you can see on the close up photo above, the lashes band are very thick which makes the "hair" stay on, although you've used them and are removing old glue and etc. 

Shipping: I got a mail on the 15th saying they had shipped my package out and on the 20th it got to my mailbox! (I live in Denmark, Europe) The shipping was super fast and also the contact with the site was good and they were very kind. 

I definitely recommend KKCenterhk! They also have much more than just lashes on their site, like wigs, makeup, clothing, nails and etc! Their prices are also very affordable.



And onto something less sponsored.. or not at all actually! >xD 
Yesterday I visited Anders and he made dinner for me! *fatty-chan approves!!* 

While waiting for the food, I took pictures! (Also helped of course! D: But two people can't fry the chicken so give me a break plz XD) 

The Masterchef in action! 8D
Food: I srsly LOVE feta, tomatoes and olives! Yum yum yum!!
Spices and their cool salt and pepper thingies! ^^v

Afterwards we played Soul Calibur, which I have no idea of how to play! So I kept losing .___.
I'm more of a Tekken person, although I think they have much cooler designs/outfits in SC! XD<3

I'm the girl.. on the right! 8D

Not quite sure how to end this blog today o_o .. so I'll just go now! BYE BYE! 
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!! ^^<3