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BRING ON THE DRAMA By heyrocketgirl

A couple of months back, I got an email from KKcenterHk about a possible blog tie-up. I got to choose from their wide assortment of false lashes and I chose the handmade, dramatic effect ES A255 false lashes. I figured since I'm using falsies, might as well go all out. ;) It came in a box of 10 pairs:

the ES A255 retails for $11.14, a little over $1 or P43 per pair making it really affordable :)

This is the part I try being a beauty blogger. ang hirap ha! Here's a closer look at my lashes:

After putting the falsies:
pros: reasonably priced. lives up to its "dramatic" description. the width per piece is pretty long so you don't have to worry about it being too short (if you have wide eyes) and you can just cut it if it's too long.
cons: doesn't come with adhesive (but you can get adhesive from the department store for P100)

This is where it gets maarte. I figured sayang naman ang effort to put the lashes (I don't normally wear false lashes so it took me a looong time) so I thought I might as well play around with it.

REMEMBER: Save your drama for your lashes! Positive vibes only ;)


Thank you, heyrocketgirl
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