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Burt Bee's Facial Cleanser

Hi Love's. I've been wanting to do a review and basically share my experience using this facial cleanser. I absolutely love this product! I happened to stumble across it in CVS a few months back while looking for some great products to do facials with. I did my research and I had heard great things about this cleanser. Now don't get me wrong....I'm still a fan of my Mary Kay cleansers but this cleanser is a great comparison.

I use this cleanser every evening and every morning to cleanse my face from makeup, dirt and sweat. It's very refreshing and has a nice minty feel to the skin. It feels as though it has deep cleansed my skin. My face and skin doesn't feel dry or as if any residue has been left on my face.

I'm always on a quest to find a great cleanser for my sensitive skin and this product has been great for providing me with the best ingredients geared towards my sensitive skin. On the tube it states that it is 97% natural! It prevents my skin from breakouts. There are times when I'd rather just run a makeup remover wipe across my face at night just so that I don't go to bed with makeup on but I force myself to use this cleanser because I know the quality my skin will revcieve.

Below I've added the "How it works" from the website.

This rich facial cleansing cream is gentle, yet effective. Naturally cleansing soap bark and healing aloe vera moisturize and soften skin while effectively removing makeup and dirt. Meanwhile, chamomile and echinacea soothe and calm for naturally fresh, healthy skin.

If you haven't already please give this product a try! I'm sure you will be pleased!

FTC disclosure: I'm not being paid for this review and have paid for this product with my own money.