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Come shopping with me!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well! A quick update on my personal life; I passed all my exams!! Final year here i come! I feel so old saying that! I have also been working during my holiday, shopping and stuffing my face :) Just 2 more months of all that on repeat...

So lets get down to this post, I saw one of my favourite bloggers, Angie (Pandaphilia), do posts where she shows you the clothes that she has tried on whilst shopping and I thought that it was such a great idea! I do a lot of online shopping and I find it difficult to judge whether certain garments would actually fit me, lets face it, website pictures can be very deceiving! Seeing someone wear the clothes gives you a more realistic idea of how the item would look when tried on.

Top: Banana Republic
Price: about £25.00
Decision: Didn't buy, i felt it was too baggy and made me look a little bulky

Top: Banana Republic
Price: £19.00
Decision: Bought, I think this would look great with skinny jeans and wedges/heels

Top: H&M
Decision: No, it was too short, you can't see how short it is because of my Chino's but with other trousers the top is too short and looks awkward.

Dress: H&M
Price: £10.00
Decision: No. I know this was such a bargain, I loved the colour and would have definitely bought it if I saw this online. However it was waaaay to revealing for me, also I was a bit worried about flashing people if the top half of the dress moved slightly. If the top half was a little less revealing I would have snapped this up!

If you was wondering, my Chino's and peep-toe shoes were from H&M.

Look what I found in Covent Garden the other day Kevin!! :)

Will update again soon! Lots of love, xX <3