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Dinair studio kit

This airbrush system is presently my airbrush system for my kit. Why am I using it you may ask? When I decided to introduce airbrushing into my list of services for my makeup business I did a lot of research for a airbrush system that would be condusive for my kit.

I looked at other systems which I like as well but were too pricey for me at the time and being I really didn't have any airbrush clients lined up I needed to see a return on my investment atleast from the first client. Also I wanted to use it as a training device for myself so that once my money was long enough I could invest in another airbrush system.

Needless to say I really like this system. It fits nicely in my Zuca, there are shades for every skin complexion as well as stencils for the eyes and so much more! There is an array of blush colors as well. The system is great for traveling and it is very reasonably priced! VERY!!! They also have different colors and designs you can choose from.

Personally I think that it's a great starter airbrush system. Like I said the price is very reasonable and if you really don't have alot of clients knocking down your door to recieve an airbrush makeover atleast you are prepared when they are!!

I have some other systems in mind that I'd like to use or maybe try out but what are your favorite airbrush system's?