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ES A188 Bottom Lashes. By vanity-fashionista

kkcenterhk had offered to send me some eyelashes to try and to review. 
As you probably know from reading my blog, I don't tend to wear fake eyelashes, simply because I am the worst at putting them on. Therefore I wasn't sure whether I wanted more to add to my un-used collection, that's until I spotted some bottom lashes.
I had been quite curious about bottom lashes and how they looked, so I chose ES A188. These lashes have a clear band and are much easily to apply that top lashes, they also give the illusion of bigger eyes.

Some of the photos I took made me look like a doll! :P I decided not to apply any false lashes on top so you can see the contrast between my real lashes with the bottom lashes.
When I first got them I was a little shocked at how long they were, but I got used to them after a while. I think these lashes would be suitable for a night out or fancy dress as they are quite dramatic, they were look great with some falsies on top too.

Thank you, vanity-fashionista
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