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Eye's Chic Liquid Gillter Eye Liner/Eyelash Glue - A Dupe For MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner? By asianbeautifier

HELLO! I am sure most of you would've tried the MAC Liquidlast eyeliners and found them to be great in regard to staying power. I've tried the MAC liquidlast eyeliners and found them to be a must've product for special occasions such as weddings, parties or even for very hot summer days as these eyeliners DO NOT budge or fade away and stay put even in the most challenging weather conditions!

There is no doubt that MAC Liquidllast eyeliners fall into my top 5 eyeliners list but then I always try out new things and so I recently came across the Eye's Chic Gillter Eye Liner ($8.30) from KKCenterhk, which is supposed to be a black Eyelashes Glue (!!) and I accidentally discovered it had a great potential in becoming a cheaper alternative to the infamous MAC liquidlast eyeliners! Yes ladies, I'm SERIOUSLY impressed with the staying power of my newly acquired Eye's Chic Gillter Eye Liner!

Eye's Chic Liquid Gillter Eye Liner/Eyelash Glue

I don't know why they have named it as a 'Gillter' eye liner, I suppose its supposed to to be a pun on the word Glitter as the word 'Gillter' is something I never heard of and I even did a dictionary search to no avail but then all said and done the product is great so I'll say all is well that ends well!

There is nothing fancy about the packaging, as it's basically simple, though I would've liked it if along with the name 'Eye's Chic', the bottle had some kind of description printed over it.

Below I've swatched my old favorite Miss Sporty Eyeliner along with the Eye's Chich Eye Liner. As you can see from the swatch the tip on the Eye's Chic Eyeliner is slightly wider in comparison to that of Miss Sporty. The Eye's chic eyeliner has a more shiny appearance and looks a lot more black & it's almost like a blackest black due to the higher intensity of black pigmentation in it.

Eye's Chic Liquid Gillter Eye Liner/Eyelash Glue

The rubbing test- The eye's chic eye liner will stay on no matter how hard you rub! You can see from the above pic that my skin turned red from rubbing hard but I could not budge the Eye's chic blows Miss Sporty eye liner out of water when it comes to staying power!

Eye's Chic eye liner also works great as an eyelash glue! I've tried it on my Revlon eyelashes and it holds the them right in place. So there you see, you can do two things with one - use it as a eyelash glue and also as an eyeliner!

I clicked some pics to show you how it looks when worn as an eyeliner....

Eye's Chic Liquid Gillter Eye Liner/Eyelash Glue

Eye's Chic Liquid Gillter Eye Liner/Eyelash Glue

What I dislike:
Again it has to be the staying power as this eyeliner as it's a pain to remove and you need to use a strong make up remover for it. I won't be using it as an every day eyeliner as I do not want my skin around the delicate eye region to develop pre-mature wrinkling due to regular pulling, peeling and tugging to remove the eyeliner!

Overall I am chuffed to have discovered this little gem and will surely repurchase it in the future!

Have you tried out the Eye's Chic Liquid Gillter Eye liner/Eyelash glue?

Thank you, asianbeautifier
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