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Fake eyelashes By smootchkiss

Hey guys!
I don't know about you, but I love to pop on a set of fake eyelashes if I'm going out, or if I have a little spare time on my hands. I'm no professional, and It took a while to 'get the hang of it'. I have no patience and a wobbly hand does not help. However, with practice, I got there. Now my drawers are filled with stacks and stacks of fake eyelashes, and most of them are pretty neutral, and appropriate for daytime wear, but I do have the odd here and there for some dramatic looks.
I'm sure you've seen allot of fake eyelashes over the Internet, that are made by different brands, and all of them are as good as each other in my eyes.
I was sent some fake eyelashes to review from KKcentreHk and give you my opinion on them.
  OK, I'm not going to lie, I've tried these lashes before. Not the exact style and cut,but from the same brand or wholesaler. As you can tell from the picture above, the lashes are made in Korea, and allot of company's buy them in bulk, and sell them of on their websites, or you can find a bunch on EBay. Nonetheless, I love the eyelashes! You can find so many styles and cuts that are suitable for you. I received two different styles, and they are both different. I'd like to think the bottom pair are more suitable for daytime wear, as the corners of the lashes are shorter than the rest of the lashes- just like your natural lashes, however the second pair are fuller. They are long, and thick, and great for nights out, especially if you use several layers! 
The problem that I found with these lashes though is the packaging. If any of you own these lashes you know how hard it is to remove them from the box. You literally have to pull, and I really don't like doing that, as they easily break, which of course has occurred several times. However if you take the lining out, you can remove the eyelashes a little easier.
Would I recommend them? Yes of course! Especially for the price. You can but them here.

What are your favourite eyelashes?
Thank you, smootchkiss
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