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Fantasy Kkcenterhk Review By prettyedgynails

Sorry I've been MIA. I've had some personal things I'm dealing with currently so I maybe posting less often. Thank y'all for understanding. 

I have talked about kkcenterhk before and if you read my review you know that I absolutely adore their lashes. They were kind enough to send me these lashes for another review. Please remember that while these products were sent to me for review, it does not in any way influence my opinion. 

Onto the review...

FE201: The first lashes I was sent are the FE201...*Heres the link: A Pair Yellow And Pink Plumes Pattern Round Feather Lash. These are $3.50 US for a pair and they DO come with glue (always a plus!) 

These are crazy long and incredibly beautiful. The quality is wonderful and while these aren't what I'd wear on a daily basis, I really adore them. I think these are perfect for costume parties, cosplay, halloween or for makeup artists. Sometimes I like to create extreme or fantasy looks so I think these are perfect. I feel like they are pretty unique and fun to play with. My one trouble with these are that got some glue onto the feathers and these did stick together. So you do really need to be careful with them. Also these are reusable but you do need to remove them gently. 

  • Unique, pretty, fun
  • Cheap (compared to most companies that sell feather lashes)
  • Great for parties and such
  • Comes with glue (!!!!!)
  • Quality is really good, the band isn't cheap where it will rip. Also no feather pieces have fallen out. 
  • Fragile (I do think you need to be more careful with these than regular lashes)
  • Feathers can get stuck together if glue gets on them. 
  • Much harder to apply (but that's just me, if your a pro you shouldn't have a problem)


I was pretty surprised I liked these as much as I did. They are super cute and I had fun playing with these. I'm totally gonna use this on halloween but otherwise I'm not sure how much I would actually wear this. I can't necessarily recommend this for the every girl who want's sometime to go out or for the day. BUT for anyone who does photoshoots, has costume parties, cosplay or anything of that nature I completely recommend these. These are amazing quality for such a cheap price. If your like me and like to play around and do some crazy looks but your not serious where you wear it out much then I'd try these. 
So in the end I do LOVE these, but my final opinion is a "like" because I can't say that I will use these too much.

Link for lashes in this review:A Pair Yellow And Pink Plumes Pattern Round Feather Lash
Also the link for the home of their website is on the side of my page --->

Thank you, prettyedgynails
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