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Franc Essential Products- Review, photos...

Hey ladies,
It's such a relaxing Sunday today & I hope everyone is enjoying it!!
Cleansing, scrubbing/exfoliating & using body lotions & creams are all essentials parts of out skin care..isn't it?
Related to these I'm reviewing three products from an Australian Brand call Franc Essential.
I was sent three sachet samples to try & review a couple of weeks back so toady I'm gonna review the same.

Firstly: Franc Essential Body Melt

$25 for 100 ml
$40 for 250 ml

In the mirror of my own experience:

As all I received was a small sachet so I used this only twice after bathing so that my skin remains moisturized.It is a bit thick so I initially thought it would be a bit greasy or something like that but it wasn't! In fact it moisturized my skin nicely without leaving any greasy feeling & it wasn't drying as well. I didn't like the smell much but the good thing was that it vanished within 30 seconds so that is not a big problem. It made my hands very soft so I would surely recommend this product to girls with normal-dry skin! In all I would say that this lotion is quite impressive & not too costly as well! Lastly, it is entirely herbal & Franc Essential is a cruelty free brand as well!!


Franc Essential Cleanse

$18 for 50 ml
$36 for 125 ml
$60 for 250 ml

In the mirror of my own experience

The second product was this cleanser which also I used twice. I had come back home from shopping so I was wearing light makeup; just a lipstick, light eyeshadow & a waterproof eyeliner. On using this I found that my lipstick & shadow had been removed very easily but the eyeliner which was waterproof had not been affected much. However it is clearly mentioned that this product does not remove waterproof makeup so can't blame it much. On patting my face dry, it wasn't dry nor greasy & it looked really clean & fresh. It got washed up easily. So I would say that this is a good cleanser if you are wearing light makeup, nothing waterproof. If you are one who does not wear much waterproof makeup then you should surely give this a try!


Thirdly: Franc Essential Exfoliate



In the mirror of my own experience:

Again this was something which I could use twice & I had apretty good experience with it.
On taking out the product for the first time...I was surprised to see that it looked precisely like a cream but as a started applying it onto my face, I could feel the tiny, gentle granules in it. They gently rubbed onto my face cleaning it. It didn't give me any breakouts & cleaned it well! Has a nice fruity sort of smell which was not at all irritating & not even strong. It's very gently & the tiny granules can cause not harm and exfoliate the skin nicely. Didn't dry my face nor did it leave any oily feeling. The only thing is that it's a bit pricey but i feel many people do ignore that.
The best thing about this brand its that they don't test on animals & the products are completely herbal causing no harm!


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So girls what do you think about these products from Franc Essential? Have you tried anything from this brand as yet??

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