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HyunA Bubble Pop Inspired Look

I was watching Hyuna's (현아 - 포미닛) ^^ new music video "Bubble Pop"  and I immediately fell in LOVE with her makeup with the pink lipstick!!  I don't really look good with red lipstick so I choose not to do the tutorial on her main jacket look (red lips).  I enjoyed doing this makeup tutorial and I hope you guys like it too!!!

I don't know why.. but the first thing that came up in my mind when I watched this music video was "Lee Hyori" -_-

This look would have looked SOOO much better if I actually had light brown hair like her! =( BOOOO!

Products Used:

1. Too Faced - Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot
2. MAC - Cork
3. MAC - Tempting
4. Too Faced - Nude Beam
5. Urban Decay - Bourbon
6. MAC - Blacktrack Fluidline
7. Mascara - Rimmel Glam' Eyes
8. MAC - Speed Dial

Here are a few swatches for you guys on these products!

Product Rating : ★★★★★

Too Faced - Nude Beam

Product Rating : ★★★★★

(left) MAC - Cork, Tempting & (right) Too Faced - Cocoa Puff

Product Rating : ★★★★★

MAC - Speed Dial
omg.. I am in loveeeeeee with this pink lipstick that I purchased from Mac. 
It looks great with my everyday makeup.  It isn't TOO hot pink and
it look great with my skin tone color!

Here is a swatch of the MAC - Speed Dial

Ehgyo Ssal "애교살" - the kind of puffy part under their eyes. 
All the top korean PRETTY celebrities are known to have these.
It's different from bags and dark circles that you get from when you are tired.
A lot of people from korean get surgery to make ehgyo ssal under their eyes.
People with BIG eyes normally have this ^__^

My husband has ehgyo ssal AND a beauty mark.. eh.. not fair!!! ㅠㅠ

RED SHIRT :  Forever 21 (I bought it last year)