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KKCENTERHK A111 lashes review By ilovemybhie

I really have no idea how to begin this entry right now. haha.

I feel like I somehow need to explain my absence here on my blog. For several weeks, I've either been out on short trips and when I do get the time to stay at home, I usually took the time to rest and when I felt like going online...I had no motivation whatsoever in doing an update..

A lot of things have changed..seriously. For those who have been visiting my blog since forever (approximately 3 years ago), you may have noticed how my layout has changed from time to time and now I'm just keeping it simple. I got rid of my tag board and some ads as well. Photos were also removed, haha. You should have realized that by now, my old layout was plastered with photos :)

Anyway, I was sent by KKCENTERHK some falsies/false eyelashes to try.

I've only used falsies THREE times on my entire life span. Two were during highschool days for prom and one was a few months ago when I was experimenting with them and they irritated my eyes like no other. So I gave up on using them..I prefer applying them on other people though. :)

They sent me the "ES A111".

It came in a tiny black box.

with a total of 10 pairs

As you can see, the bands are transparent, as opposed to the usual thick black rimmed bands..

the transparent bands are pretty long, but you can definitely cut them to shorten the total length of the falsies..

Eye shapes are different, so you usually have to cut them if they won't fit you.

I've only tried them once and failed...WHY? My lash glue dried up!!! I need a new one..

- they feel light once applied.
- they DO make your eyes look a lot bolder and noticeable.
- you get 10 pairs per box.
- reasonably priced.. ($ 8 for this box).
- these would look great with dark smokey eyes or when you feel like you need more "eye drama" :)

- they're not the "natural" looking falsies for everyday wear.
- they can be hard to apply (since I really don't wear falsies!).

I would probably get the "criss-cross" falsies to try, just because they look more natural.

Anyway ladies, could you please recommend an EXCELLENT and not just good lash glue? Please? I don't know what to get... =(

Thank you, ilovemybhie
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