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KKCenterhk ES A155 By zabranjeni-grad

I've something different than nails for you today.

Few weeks ago I's conctacted by KKCenterhk to do a review of false eyelashes. I'm big fan of long eyelashes so I decided to give them a try. I choose A155 - 10 pairs of black densely False Eyelashes.
I got them in a week, packed in this cute little box but without a glue.

Before my nail polish obsession my main obsession was eyelashes and mascaras. I always wanted to have looooong and curled eyelashes. It was very hard for me to use falsies... My natural eyelashes are not so long and straight as possible so they're not blending with falsies this time! So I tried a few times to put eyelashes as natural as possible but I failed.

This is my last attempt - I put some make-up on, I curled eyelashes but unfortunately I didn't warm the curler for the better effect and put mascara on. Then I added falsies. Everything looked great until my eyelashes started becoming straight and when I took this picture I can totally see them but in person it wasn't so obvious. Even that tiny gap wasn't visible in person as on picture.

Keep in mind that I tried false eyelashes like just once so I still need a lot of practice.

Products used:
Essence Quattro Eyeshadow 01 Ciao Bella!
Essence Gel Eyeliner 01 Midnight in Paris
MaxFactor False Lash Effect WP

Eyelashes were too long for my eyes so I had to shorten them, I used glue from Essence Fancy Lashes. I thought the glue will be in this pack but it wasn't. I actually asked them but I think they missed my question. So keep in my that you have to purchase glue if you don't have any at home. Anyway, I tried just Essence Eyelashes so I can't compare them with other brands. They're easy to work with, they're very flexible, almost too much because I prefer if they're more stiff so I don't have to pay attention to the whole band. They're totally not natural on me, probably they'd look great with dark MU (which I don't wear at all) but it depends what you prefer more. You can always re-use them especially if you didn't apply mascara on them, so if you carefully remove them, you can use them again.

If you're using them all the time, you won't be sorry because you get 10 pairs of these for $12.50, which is a nice deal. They've a lot of different styles so if you like falsies, you should check their site.

I hope this review will be useful for someone. Do you use false eyelashes? How often? 

Thank you, zabranjeni-grad
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