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kkcenterhk ES Eyelashes - ES A66 By sugarspiceandalldatsnice

kkcenterhk is a beauty site that offers a variety of different beauty products from wigs to eyelashes. They offer several types of lashes and the good part is you can buy in bulk. So when they offered me to choose eyelashes for review purposes - I opted for a 10 pairs of clear band Black Natural Fake Lashes which are perfect for everyday use.

They have some great products and deals - Do check out their website HERE.

Product: ES 10 Pairs Clear band Black Natural Fake Lashes.
Price: USD $ 8.00

Item Number:  ES A66

The instructions (AHEM!)

My Experience with the Product:
I have never used eyelashes before and I took "forever" to get the hang of it. Lastly I figured them out and decided to do a review.
I LOVE these eyelashes! They are so easy to wear and very natural looking.
The first time I applied these eye lashes they looked a bit funny. So i cut these eyelashes to the size of my eyes so that they fit better and look great.
I even tried cutting eye- lash into a small piece and then using that piece to glue it at the very end of my lashes for that extra dramatic effect.
The black box that they come in make storage very easy.
Another best thing about these eyelashes are that if you remove them carefully you can totally reuse them. 
These eyelashes are so light that I forgot I had them on whenever i used them.
I also learned a new trick from the back of the packaging by bending the lash around my finger first for a more natural application.

Here's me wearing the Eye Lash - I am a novice at this .. It took me FOREVER to get it right .. Is it okay? or did I mess it up ? ? ?


Love it or chuck it ? 
Love it ! They are perfect for party or everyday or professional look!

Please note: The product was provided by the company for consideration. 
Thank you, sugarspiceandalldatsnice
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