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KKCenterHK - False Lashes Review By polishartaddiction

So as this is going up, I'm leaving for my trip. It's a 10 hour and 45 minute car trip. Let's hope I can make it there in one piece! Good thing I'm taking a friend for company.

I was contacted by KKCenterHK and they asked me if I wished to review eyelashes or makeup products for my blog. SURE! I never turn down free stuff. I like learning new things and using new products.

*Disclaimer* I am in no way a master at applying make-up. I like wearing it, and regularly experiment with new and different things, but I'm still going to be a nail art blog. That is my forte, not makeup. So please don't hate on me for my basic application, or my unruly eyebrows. ;)

KKCenterHK is an online shop that provides lots of products.
They mainly sell false eyelashes and wigs.
They have some crazy cool feather and polka dot eyelashes if you're in to that sort of thing!

This is the product they sent for me to review. "ES 10 Pairs Black Densely False Eyelashes" It is number A155 on their website. It sells for $12.50 USD.
 I do not have a lot of experience with full sets of false lashes. Up to this point I have only used the little clusters of false lashes to fill in or accentuate the outer corners of my eyes. With that said, these lashes seem of a nice quality. They are flexible and a natural "hair size" to each strand.
 I did some very simple eyeshadow of cream and brown. These pics are before eyeliner and mascara. 
My naked lashes:

Smudged some brown eyeliner on, curled my lashes and use mascara.

Ready for some falsies. The package from KKCenterHK did not include lash glue. I already had this kind in my makeup bag. Each strip of lashes was very long. I ended up cutting off some of the end so that it would fit better to the width of my eye. Now in pics I see that I may have cut a bit too much off. Lol. Again, I'm no expert.

They looked freakishly long in my opinion. I like that they are of varied lengths and not just cut bluntly. It does add to a more natural lash appearance. If they were a bit shorter so that it just made my lashes look more full, I think I would like them better. It could be that I dislike them just because I'm not used to wearing full falsies, but I also found the to be really heavy. Does anybody know of any good eyelid strengthening exercises? I may need a work out.

I thought the strip that they are attached to was a bit too noticeable. That could easily be changed by me applying a black eyeliner, then it would have blended more.

Lashes to the eye on the left, natural lashes with mascara on the right.
They were very heavy, you can see that the eye on the left is drooping from the weight. This was me honestly straining to open my eyes wider. Lol. I also found them distracting because  I could see them out of the corner of my eye and I kept wanting to swat it away thinking a bug was attacking me.

Final thoughts - These are not for me. I think I'm too much of a novice at this point to try this crazy stuff without really knowing what I'm doing. I may clip them to a shorter length and try to wear them again, or perhaps just clip them into 1/4 sections to wear only at the outer corners.

Thank you very much to KKCenterHK for providing these for me to review.

Thank you, polishartaddiction
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