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Looking for a good BB Cream? *Review*

Hello lovelies!

Before I start, I just wanted to tell you all that I have joined twitter! I have no clue how to use it... So far I've worked out how to follow people lol!! So if you have a twitter account please leave your info below so i can follow you! You can follow me @KawaiiCrystals or click here.

I'm sure most of you know what BB creams are. For those that don't, this isn't the best definition, but if I had to sum it up; BB creams are similar to tinted moisturisers but thicker, like foundation but thinner... if that makes sense. BB creams (properly known as Blemish Balm creams) are very popular in Asia, I think one main reason is because it helps women achieve a lovely clear and bright complexion. Women, particularly in China and Korea think the clearer and lighter your skin is, the prettier you are.

I am a huge fan of BB creams, they are not as heavy as foundation and hardly ever make me break-out, they also give a little more coverage than tinted moisturisers or mineral powder foundations. I have really oily skin and am prone to break-outs, thus I tend to stick to light make-up.

Here is a review on three different brands of BB Cream that I have used, I'll try to keep it light! If you have further questions, don't be shy and either leave a comment or email me!

L-R: Missha Perfect Cover in No.23, Skin 79, Hanskin Control Skin.

So lets start with Hanskin.
This is only available in Korea the last time I checked, which is a bummer because I really want to purchase more.

Hanskin BB Cream has a slight yellow tone to it and it blends into my skin tone very well. Some BB creams require a few minutes to oxidise to match your skin tone, with Hanskin I feel that once applied, it matches my skin tone quite well already.

Oh hello wrinkly dry hands >.<
(+) Hanskin BB cream leaves a lovely dewy finish
(+) It's not too thick so it's easy to apply
(+) It doesn't brighten my skin as such but it gives my skin a slight glow
(-) unfortunately it's not great for oily skin, after a while my face looks greasy
(-) would have been perfect if it had spf protection

*A note on Hanskin, they use natural materials, this BB cream claims to control spots and I feel it does, it hasn't made me break-out at all. They also have a skincare range, if you can get your hands on it, i definitely recommend their facewash and moisturiser, it's great for acne prone skin

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, No.23. spf 42
It has a pump at the bottom, but this makes it a little hard to control how much to squeeze out, I always squeeze more than I intend to.

It may look dark but when applied it's quite light, like a shade too light for my skin. However, after about 5mins once it has oxidised it matches my skin tone really well.

(+) The shade matches my skin tone very well, I like this because it's not too obvious
(+) you only need a tiny amount
(+) with the right moisturiser, your skin won't look really greasy after a few hours.
(+) it has spf
(-) It doesn't really give me a brighter complexion, it claims to lighten skin tone by healing blemishes, but I don't think it does.

It claims to have a triple function; whitening, UV protection spf25, and wrinkles free.
I don't think they mean permanent whitening because my face doesn't look whiter after using it, as for the wrinkles free, I don't think i'm qualified for that yet.

This BB cream has a slight pink tone to it.
I bought this one off Ebay, let me tell you, I was so scared this was a fake. I heard so many horror stories about fake bb creams imported from China and the horrible reactions some girls got on their skin. I had to apply some on my arm for a few hours when I first got it just to be sure I didn't get a skin reaction. However, I think this is a genuine one, the buyer is also from S.Korea (which was a reassuring sign). If you guys are interested in which buyer i got this from I can give you her details :) Please beware, there are a lot of fakes going round, don't risk your skin over saving a few pennies!

This really does brighten your complexion, when I first applied it I physically groaned because my face was a shade lighter and I looked so stupid. However, once I gave it time to oxidise it came out really nicely. I think you have to blend it out correctly so it doesn't look too obvious that your face is slightly lighter than your neck even after it oxidised.

(+) I think it makes my skin glow and gives a dewy finish
(+) I love how it brightens my complexion
(-) the pump is hard to use, I can't control how much product I want and also some product gets stuck at the little tube bit and it dries and clumps there (eww..)

I think Skin 79 is perfect for going out if you want to look polished, for everyday use, I think missha is great. I tend to use Hanskin as  a concealer on days where I just don't feel like wearing too much make-up.

A tip on using BB Cream, if the consistency is still too thick for your liking, I always add a little moisturiser on my palm and mix it in with a bit of bb cream, works like a dream :) In addition, with BB creams a little goes a long way! 

Hope this post helps! Lots of love, xX <3