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MAC!! How hard could it be to work there?

Some of you may know and some of you may not know how I've went to the open house's for MAC. OMG!!  I've really given up on the idea of working for MAC!  Yes I know they are not the only cosmetic company around.  I do know this but I've seen alot of their artist and I believe it's in their training.  If nothing else I want to recieve their training.

So for those who don't know, the first time I went to the open house for them at Pentagon City in VA I thought everything was going well.  Ok let me back up.....So when I get there it's loads of us(mua's) waiting patiently for the District Manager.  Anywho so while we waited she put us in groups of three and asked us to get to know one another and pretty much ask questions that we thought she would ask.  The two young ladies I was paired up with were much younger than me.  I'm in my 30's they were like 19 and early 20's.  Needless to say one of them says how her sister works for MAC and how in her interview that they want you to be confident in yourself and your appearance.  In my mind I had this part on LOCK!  I took almost 2 hours to apply my makeup, bought a new outfit that was all black and trendy and even applied my lashes and lip liner!  

We each found out something about one another so the District Manager comes back and asks us random questions about each other and she ask's each of us to rate one anothers makeup.  The two young ladies rated mine a 10!  Wow!! I'm shocked and happy at the same time.  She then proceeds to ask us how would we rate our own makeup.  Now after getting a 10 from the other ladies and knowing I'd spent almost 2 hours on my makeup I gave myself a 10!!  So she goes "Really?!"  I'm like yes I worked hard on this today!!

So she critiqued each of our makeup and she told me that my makeup looked great and just to add lip liner next time!  I'm like I did!  So I'm waiting weeks to hear back from her.  Nothing!!  I send an email with my resume the next time I see they are looking for artist.  She calls back!!!  OMG!! This particular  day that she sets up my interview I'm sick.  I have the flu or something but I drag myself out of bed, beat my face(not for 2 hours) and head to the interview.  I get to the interview and she is interviewing someone else so when she is done she walks past me and says..." Have I interviewed you before?"  I'm like yes I was here for the open house.  She says "Oh you didn't have to come back!"  Ummm you called me in for this interview .  "Oh yeah I know!  I remember faces not names!"  Say what!  OMG I'm disturbed at this point.

So like a lil pup I walk away with my head hung low and pissed all at the same time!  Then I get to thinking.......Ahhhhh Nahhhh she need to explain some things to me!!  Lol (the bull in me).  So I speak with her and explain to her that when in our last meeting that she said my makeup was fine and she didn't give me a bad critique and why would she call me back.  She explains to me that I have to wait 6 months to re-apply and that she remembers who I was and basically she had no other reason for not going forth with our interview!  You want to talk about PISSED!!  I could have lost it!  But I didn't and said for get it!!!

About a month ago they had another open house!!  As mean and cruel as the DM was to me I said I'd never go back!!  EVER!!  But like a fool I went back!  Lol  my excuse was I needed some fix plus so why not try and interview once again.  I already knew she would remember my face and basically not give me a call back.  But hey I'd try anyway!  Remember I needed fix plus!  Lol

She somewhat recognized me and needless to say.....I haven't gotten a call back!! 

So my question to my followers is do  you think I may have come off too cocky with rating myself a 10? 
Do you think there was something else that may have went wrong here?

At any rate the ladies and the manager in the store knows me very well and everytime I go in she ask's..."So how did things go?"  The last time I told her..." I really don't think she likes me" and told her what happened.

She suggested I call and ask for the retail manager.  Contacting the retail manager is my last resort with this issue.  I'm usually not the type of person who gives up easily but I'm just frustrated!  I have applied at other counters and have basically been chosen for the job but one was too far and the last one my phone died   a day or two after I interviewed so I don't know if they called or not!  Ughhh

What are your thoughts?