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MAC's Saddle eyeshadow

How I ever overlooked Saddle is beyond me!  I thought I had every neutral shade that MAC owned!  I was watching You Tube a while back and saw someone(actually a couple of gurus) using this eyeshadow as a bridge color.  I looked through my MAC neutral palette and couldn't find it!  Where could it be?  I know I have this color!
 Well after a long hard search....No Saddle!  I was pretty sure I had it!  So I added it to my bag on MAC's online website along with Texture another shade which is similar and also I thought I had.  Both are great bridge colors and makes for great contour colors in the crease as well as a lid color if you want to have a no makeup look. 

I'm so excited that now this color is in my kit as well as in my personal arsenal of shadows!  I haven't stop using it since the day I ordered it and can't wait to try it on a few clients.  I have a bridal consultation coming up and I'm looking to incorporate the shadow into the look.

Also this shadow makes for a great contour color on the nose and through the cheek bones on lighter complexions.  I have used it for my nose contour on myself so that I don't get that too dark of a contour look.  It's a great add to any neutral palette!!

Tell me your thoughs on this eyeshadow.