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Manly 80 colors Eyeshadow Palette by KKcenterHK- For the fun of playing with colors!! By rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty

When I started this blog, I was a fond of different eye shadows, but i still kept very few eye shadow trios & quads in my makeup box because despite of being a makeup lover I didn’t do much experiment on my eyes. I had been a junkie of lip colors those days but after starting this blog I bought lots of eye shadow palettes and did many experiments on my eyes. I’m happy that my readers loved those experiments of colors. When KKcenterHK offered me to do some reviews of Manly palette I chose their 48 colors palette but they requested me to do for the 80 colors manly eyeshadow palette, I agreed for that but I thought many times that what would I do with a lot of colors LOL, hey I’m not a makeup artist or something like that…but was really excited to see a lot of colors. Now I have this lovely palette and today I’m here to review this & share my experience with you!
I should appreciate KKcenterHK for sending me this palette so safely without any damage. It was wrapped very securely by them with many covers of bubble wrap. I opened the box very excitedly. After removing a bundle of bubble wrap, I saw another bubble wrap cover over the box. Now this is what i call SAFETY!!
Now about the Manly palette packaging…I would like to say that it’s classy and beautiful. In a white Manly packet a slim bright black case comes which is so pretty. After opening the case I got there were two separate palettes with 40 colors each in short, they were double stacked :D There was also a plastic film to cover each palette. Beside this, there is also a small purple ribbon at the corner of the palette kept under to lift it.
Overall I can say that I’m really impressed by the packaging :D
There is an extensive selection & a great mixture of both matte and shimmery colors. The colors in the palette aren't anything that can make you over excited. There are no strange and new colors that I've never seen ever but if you are looking to build your basic color collection, this is great.
Upper palette
The one below

If I talk about the colors, they are impressive especially in the shimmers. Every colors are highly pigmented and silky, very nice in blending. But I can’t say the same thing about the matte colors which I found seem to usually be chalky and difficult to blend. Most of matte colors are not pigmented. I had to apply again and again for swatching on my hands. I felt they are quit powdery and after some times they lost their colors and faded so without any primer you’ll be disappoint after applying the matt colors.
The pots of colors quite small but if you have a lot of colors you shouldn’t worry about the size.
In the mirror of my own experience
I love the selection of colors. Every basic color which you need is available in this palette.
They come with basic white and black, a shimmer and matte version of each. The black and silver are fantastic for smoky eye makeup. Some colors like red, turquoise and some shades of oranges are quite harder to find in a common palettes. I love the matte brown shades because it’ll be useful for define my brows. Gold and orangish gold colors are really pretty & unique. But this palette has a lot of yellows and green shades which I don’t like. I’m unable to understand why they keep so many shades of the same color & that too yellow? I don’t think one needs yellow shadows much in real life...isn't it?
Final thoughts
Finally I love this palette. If you see the price tag, you’ll not mind the weakness of some matte colors. If we ignore lot of yellows and greens, the variety of colors are great. You don’t need to look for any other palette when you sit for playing with the colors. I don’t say that it’s an ideal palette for a makeup artist or professionals but for beginners, it's a great one at such a low cost!!
Shades swatches randomly : 10 matte (3-4 swipes each)
10 shimmers (2-3 swipes each)
I really recommend this palette to all my readers. All the shimmery colors are highly pigmented and buttery silky. You don’t need even need to apply a primer before applying them but for the matte colors, you really need a good base or primer.
So pretty ladies, what are you thinking about this palette? If you want to play from different colors without spending a big amount of money, you should grab this palette very soon.
P.S.- EOTDs & Tutorials using this Manly eyeshadow palette coming very soon!

Thank you, rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty
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