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My Daily Skincare Routine

1. clean and clear advantage 3 in 1 foaming acne wash - I was my face with this

2. biore triple action astringent - I apply this toner over my face with a cotton sheet. It removes all the dirt and makeup that wasn't removed with the face wash =)

3. clean and clear dual action moisturizer - I apply a dime sized amount of this moisturizer all over my face.

4. clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment - I know this is a spot treatment, but I actually apply this all over my face =) especially on my T zones

5. Occasionaly if I do get a big pimple with puss in it, I squeeze it out with a qtip and add rubbing alcohol on it. Make sure you don't squeeze too hard to avoid scarring.

6. Korean face masks (from local Korean grocery store -- cosmetic corner)

7. biore nose strips - I do this around 2-3 times a month. It isn't good to do it too often (It can actually make your pores bigger).

** This is without any makeup.  I will be uploading a seperate video on how I remove my makeup.  ^___^