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My Diet & Fitness Routine

Hey guys!  I had a lot of request to do a video on my diet and fitness.  Please note that this is just the way MY body is and the way I eat =).. it's not really the 100% healthy way to eat ^__^.  So to start off, I weight 98 pounds and almost 5'6''.  I have a really hard time gaining weight.  My parents and younger brother is also very skinny.  I have a really fast motabolism as well.

My Diet :

+ can't eat alot of greasy food
+ always cook my food with olive oil .. not vegetable oil!
+ drink a lot while I eat
+ eat frequently in small portions (5-6 times daily)
+ cook a lot at home (we only eat out on weekends)
+ eat a lot of rice (more then the side dishes and meat)
+ eat a lot of snacks between my meals! (chocolate, chips, etc) =) yummy

My Fitness:

+ no running, walking
+ repetition of light weights
+ want toned arms, not bulky
+ I eat my nutrilite protein powder before I start working out SHOP
+  start off my stretching out my muscles very slowly
+ 12Ib padded weighted bar (love it!) from Dick's Sporting Goods SHOP
+ 10 times (set of 3) for each