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MY Pink Lashes By ferahfezasfavourites

Hello girls;

Here are my new pink lashes...

I really really love them ^_^

As you see, they sent me 3 set of false lashes to try and write about.
I tried the pink-black one first.

so beautiful....

They ship really quickly.

Aren't they beautiful???

It's really easy to put them on. Also they have adhesives in the boxes.
That's nice ^_^

So beautiful...
I wear pink clothes to enjoy more ^_^

Here is the fun!!!!

As you see, they're really long and eye catching!

You can use them on birthdays, on holidays, on parties,proms,on photo shots ;)
Every time you want ^_^
Sometimes you should be crazy!

See closer...

There are lots of kind false lashes on KKCenterHK.
Girls, they're really cheap.

You know, lashes are a little bit expensive here, but they sell really cheap,take a look at their web page.


If you remove them carefully,you can use them again and again, isn't it perfect?

There're two to try ^_^

Thanks KKCenterHk

Thank you, ferahfezasfavourites

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