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NARS!! Everlasting Love Palette!!

I was so excited when I recieved an email from NARS cosmetics stating that my 40% discount was approved and I'd be recieving my discount card shortly!! I love NARS cosmetics!! Ofcourse the blushes are my favorite. The blushes were the first products that I tried by NARS. I worked my way to the glosses, eyeshadows, bronzers/illuminators and just in that order!

I was in Sephora a few weeks ago and had accumilated some points and they had the NARS face primer. So I've been using it and I love it!! But to the product at hand! This Everlasting Love Palette is on my wish list! It's sitting in my basket on the website but I must have this palette! I actually was looking for the Bridal palette after reading Scandalous Beauty's blog and watching a video by PinkPornstar on You Tube about it. I wasn't for sure if this was another version of the Bridal palette but I like how in the video the palette seemed to be a very nice size. I really don't care for small personalized palettes because they get lost amongst all my makeup. I thought this size would be perfect! Something I'd see amongst my madness!

Once my funds are looking great I'm going to get this palette along with some other goodies I saw on the NARS website! It's someting about a 40% discount that I just LOVE! Lol

Have you tried this palette! How do you like NARS products?