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NYX concealer in a jar!

I couldn't wait to blog about this concealer!  Honestly I'm a product junkie!  I buy products to try out to see if I like them or if they will be great for my kit. Needless to say I had been wanting a great yellow concealer.  I had this concealer in my kit for some time now.  I had never used it.  It was always one of those "just in case products".

  Well yesterday I had a shoot and I had three models.  All of my models so happen to have yellow undertones to their skin.  So I go to start my process of concealing one of the models(my very first one) and noticed she had alot of red acne scars but also a yellow undertone.  I took care of the red with ofcourse my green concealer which I used MUFE.   So I started in with my process of highlighting and said Hmmm I need a yellow based concealer or foundation. As much foundation I buy I didn't see anything in my kit that would compliment my model's face.  So low and be hold this little jar is staring at me!  So I took my spatula and grabbed just a lil bit and begin to apply it to the highlighted areas.  OMG!  I was amazed!!  It was creamy and smoothed and went on well with my non latex sponge!

So now time for me to apply the foundation and realized I needed more yellow in the foundation.  I always custom blend foundations.  9 times out of 10 I custom blend.  I've pretty much done this process since day one!  So I had some left over yellow concealer and my foundation was rather thick so I added my embroylisse moisturizer(just a smidget) and got to mixing.  Can I tell you that the color was dead on!!!!!  The moisturizer helped to thin the foundation out.  Being she had alot of red scars the green took care of that so no need to pack it on.  But in areas where the scars set up off the skin I applied more and immediately set it.

I wish I could have taken a pic of her before and after!  As always you know the first client to sit in your chair gets the most time and attention.  Even with covering her acne or breakout what ever the case may have been I still finished her face in 30 mins!!  Usually it takes a little longer when you have to cover so many scars.  I was impressed with this little jar!! Yesterday was the first time I had used it.  I see me replacing it soon.

As I continued to use it with my other models I realized that it could be used as a corrector with pretty much anything.  I've read on MM's forum of artist suggesting different correctors from different companies,  Some expensive to the not so expensive.  So for now this will be my yellow corrector! 

Also I used some of it to apply to the lid and applied my shadows.  I swear I want to go get the rest of the corrector shades.  I purchased it from a beauty supply store.  Not sure of the price I paid there but I do know that the website offers it  for $5.50.  Not bad for all that it does.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!