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Olympus Om10's pictures.


hye everyone! sorry for not updating for quite some time. yeah i admit that im tooooooooooooooo lazy to update. well blog is not a priority to me i guess wuwu :P

so yeah, this time i wanna how off the pictures from my olympus camera. u can refer to this post to see what it looks like hee. im a first timer u know, so the pictures are a bit uggleeeehh. xpayah nak kutuk-kutuk ek.

i took this photo without flash in a low light camera shop. yeah, bijak sungguh saye x guna flash kan. xpe, first time boleh dimaafkan, :P

oh & before that, my olympus set consist of these items.

a body, 2 speed lights, wide angle lens, tamron lens, 50mm lens & one converter lens *eh betoi ke lens? hehh

so, aku da cuba sume lens tu sebab nak tau mane yang ok & x ok. so, lets begin.

50mm with flash at a mamak restaurant. *teruknya muke -.-

using wide angle lens. the 4 corners are blurry.

using tamron.

tamron + converter.

tamron + converter.

50mm. *comelnye beruang saye, huahua




so what i can conclude is, the converter lens made the pictures look darker & the wide lens has blurry edges so i will not use these lens anymore after this. & just look at the bokeh, so yummy. :D one more thing, i capture these pictures using manual settings.

the picture below are captured by radie using auto setting.

kanak-kanak nye muke T_T

nice huh? using auto is easy. tapi xkan selamanya nak pakai auto rite. by hook or by crook i must learn to use the manual setting as well. so yeah that's about it. 

so, can i be a good photographer or a good talent? muahahahaha~