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OOTD & my first time using false lashes

Hi all!
 I'm so glad you all enjoyed my BB cream review! Just a quick note on that, I notice a lot of people mentioning that the downfall about BB creams is that the colour doesn't match them. However, I'm pretty certain that Missha has released their BB creams in a few other shades, so maybe check that out? Please don't forget, most BB creams need a few minutes to oxidise before they match your skin colour. Hope that helps! Oh, and also there was a point about the oiliness, I find that if you put translucent powder or a tiny bit of mineral foundation after, that tends to help too.

Ok, enough with the long lecture, this was suppose to be a short post!
My first time using false eyelashes.

I have a phobia of false eyelashes. A few years ago when I did a photoshoot in Beijing I had asked during the last frames, whether the make-up artist could try false lashes on me. That night after the shoot, I kept the lashes on and to my horror, whilst I was getting my hair cut I saw half of it hanging off. It was so embarrassing! Ever since then, i've never touched false lashes again because of my constant fear that someone would see my lashes hanging off, which isn't a good look might i add!

However, after watching a million youtube videos on how to apply false lashes, i felt confident enough to give it another go.

I chose these eylure ones as they were the most natural ones I could find, I'm not too keen on dramatic or overly obvious ones. Also, I think the shape of these ones suit my eye shape more. I thought the eylure glue wasn't that great, I had to buy a separate one.
It turns out I was no professional even after all those prep videos!! Here are some lessons i leart:
1. once you applied the lash glue, don't wait a whole five minutes before applying them, my glue was totally dry by the time i applied them, i think i took "wait till the glue gets tacky" a little too seriously
2. apply mascara after the lashes have been attached.
3. apply the lashes as close to your real lash line as possible, don't leave a huge gap, doh!
4. a pair of pointy tweezers are very useful for poking glue under the lashes that hadn't stuck.

The end result 
Eyeshadow: Sleek original pallete
Blush: Chanel Tweed, coral
Face: Skin 79 BB cream
Lips: nothing (I normally leave doing my lipstick in the car, I'm weird like that).
Really happy that they look natural and aren't that obvious! 
After what seemed like forever trying to poke the lashes in place, I think it went well! It didn't come off once during the whole day (I attended a wedding). Most of all, it was very comfortable, I actually forgot I had these on. I am probably going to stick with these, but I'm still going to leave them for special events, the stress of applying them still scares me! As for reusing lashes, I chucked them away as I took them off with make-up remover and it looks really gross after.

My outfit
Dress: Mango
Clutch: Coast
Necklace: Swarovski

This is like the smallest bag in the world, I was so frustrated with it, I couldn't fit much in here at all! Why do women use such pointless things? Evidently this bag really tests your priorities, and I chose my lipstick, lash glue and tissues over my phone.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I was going to do another review, but I wanted to break it up with a different post to keep it interesting.
Lots of love! xX <3