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playing with falsies~ By thiamere

I don't get to play with my make-up palettes as much as i want to, not because i don't have the time (that's also one..hehe) but for some reason it just doesn't look right every time i do it. There are just some time where no matter how much i blend the colors, it just doesn't look nice. I'm sure you all have had experience like mine,right?

That mostly happens to me when i do my nails.
What i am thinking of most often than not looks different when i do it on my nails already. hehe
But also in making eye make-up too once in a while..

I felt the need...yes, need!.. to whip out my palette & do a pink eye make-up last night. It's high time that the urge to do eye make-up ought to return back. I missed playing with my palette & being able to come up with something that at least looks nice. hehe

I was only able to do my right eye... hehe
I will do both of my eye later on when i do the tutorial...

Sorry about the messy hair...
My hair had dried out because i switched to an anti-dandruff shampoo.
Next week it will be back to its crowning glory once i go back to my Camellia Hair Care.

Anyway, i'll do a tutorial of this look maybe tomorrow. I just did this last night & i prefer taking tutorial pictures in the day so that i can photograph the process a lot better. I was testing out the falsies that KKCenterhk sent me.

They sent the ES A155 to test out as per my request.

I was surprised when i opened it because the lashes that greeted me are quite dramatic... well, dramatic for me who got small eyes.

These babies are quite unique in a way that it thickens & lengthens in the end which is perfect if you want to achieve a cat-eye look!

Since it's too long for me, i decided to cut it at the end. It's so long that it look so fake on me if i didn't cut it.

This is how it looks like on my eye after finally cutting a few strands...

I also used a lower lash because the upper lash looks so dramatic for me & it will just "close" my eye up if i didn't do so. I used the one from KKCenterhk too!

I like how this eyelash enhances my eyes every time i smile. LOL!
It's also as if my eyes are smiling too!

I can't wait to try this with both of my eyes~!

See how long this lash is?
It will perfectly fit your eye!

Tutorial post to be posted later... i'm about to do a tutorial now after this!

Have a great day,gals!
Jaa ne~!

Thank you, thiamere