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Queen Collection Bronzer!

Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer is one of my favorite bronzers! But I love Bronzers! I have every shade, color and consistency you can think of as far as a bronzer is concerned. When it comes to placing them in my kit I have atleast three!! I don't know how I became so in love with them. But my favorite is the Queen Collection Bronzer! I have a set of these bronzers in my kit and a set for my personal use.

I pretty much use this bronzer everyday! I use the Q120 as a contour and as a blush sometimes. I use the Q100 as a light golden highlight right on the top of my cheeckbone.

I saw a pic of myslef from The Makeup Show and realized that I may be just a tad bit heavy handed with it! Lol Especially being that I have a tan already.

This bronzer is really great all year round. In the winter months it gives a great contour and just a hint of a sun kissed look. It's excellent in the summer for that "Fresh from Vacation look"! But not too heavily or you will be looking like the women of Jerseylicious or maybe a little oompa loompa-ish! Lol

I thank you all for reading! Happy blogging and let me know your experience with this collection of bronzers from the Queen Collection or any of your favorite bronzers to use!