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Review: ES Brand 15 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette - Earth Tone By mrspocahontasbeauty

Hey girlies!!! I hope everyone is doing great and are having a good summer!
I just want to apologize for being so absent like in commenting on your blogs and commenting back AND posting! We still do not have any internet and the only time I can get on is if I can hurry and run over to my moms house :/ So when I do get on it's in a rush because my kids are awake and busy hehe.
 But I have a review for you all!

I was sent this eye shadow palette for me to review by

 Its called the: ES Brand 15 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette - Earth Tone 
Their description on the website: 
Make Up Set Extremely Portable.

100% New, Never Been Used

Case Is Black

15 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette - Earth Tone

Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up

Size : 156mm X 105mm X 17mm

Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up
USD: $11.97

As always, I am impressed by their packaging. They wrap all of their eyeshadow palettes in layers of bubble wrap and they always arrive safely with no damage at all. It came in a small box labled ES on the front, and the back is name of ingredients but when you open it up, the palette it self does not have a name nor ingrediants. It's a matte black case about the size of my hand, here's a picture
It's a decent size and very portable. 

Now for the shadows! First of all, I am a 'natural shadow fan' I LOVE them. I feel like my eyes can't hold a lot of bright colors as well as other women can so I tend to steer towards the earth tones. When I opened the palette I found 15 GORGEOUS colors of earth tone shadows. Most of the shadows are shimmery or sheen and two of the browns are matte. The palette has colors that I have been looking for but it just seems I couldn't find them. 

Some of my favorite out of the palette has to be the peaches and golds. I have been wearings these shadows on my eyes for about a week. Some others I adore are the 2 purples it has. The darker one has specks of gold in it and looks AMAZING on!
As far as the quality of the eye shadows go I was VERY impressed. Even the matte shadow browns go on well. They seem to be packed down well. I have had problems with inexpensive palettes that their eyeshadows fall apart so easy. The case looks so durable and professional. I am deffinetly going to be bringing this to a photoshoot I am going to be helping with! 
 first row
 second row
third row

Pros: Great price, portable, matte case, pigmented eyeshadows, variety of colors, 15 eye shadows.
Cons: The only one I can really think of is that it doesn't have bright  eyeshadows, but you should expect it from a palette labeled with 'earth tone' :P or the size of the palette was smaller than I thought...
Would I recomend this?? For sure. I have been going to this palette EVERY single day for the past 2 weeks. NO lie. If you are a natural eye shadow freak like me, I would def. get my hands on this. It's great quality for a cheap price. 
Here's a video on a look I did with some of the peach and gold colors I was talking about:

I hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks Maggie for sending me another great product.

Thank you, mrspocahontasbeauty
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