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Review: ES Brand Eyeshadow By tummycake

Thank you once again to Maggie from KKcenterHK for sending this promotional eyeshadow for me to try. I've been so busy lately that she's sent me this palette months ago and I haven't had time to even crack it open till now. Thank you for your patience!

The site has grown astronomically since I first stumbled upon it. What was little more than a few boxes of eyelashes on a 5 page website, KKcentreHK has now a huge selection of eyeshadows--all bright and glitters for pennies per shadow. I couldn't find this one there because unfortunately, I find the site still very slow (definitely needs an upgrade!) But I think at the time, it was ~$4 for the entire palette.

The colours are super pigmented and fun. Today I busted out of my OL-friendly face and used the olive green and burnt orange on my lids, and bright yellow underliner. Perhaps a bit autumny but the colours enchant me. The texture is pretty smooth, considering how shiny it is (without, glitter--thankfully). The packaging is economical, nothing glitzy and eye-turning about it; however, I'm on a post-student budget and I couldn't be more pleased.

Repurchase? Yes.

Thank you, tummycake
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