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Review: ES False Lashes (part 1) By prettyinthedesert

 Es A500 Lashes 

A couple of month's ago(I know, I'm a horrible blogger!!), I got an email from KKcenterHK in Hong Kong. They are an online shop that specializes in false lashes, wigs and makeup.

They asked me if I would be interested in trying out and reviewing their lashes. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get into wearing false lashes because I don't usually wear them. Plus, I had read some good reviews on other blogs.

I chose the ES A500 set, which contains ten different pairs of lashes.

 $7.96 from

I think these lashes are great value. They are really inexpensive and, if you break it down, you get each pair for less than a dollar! This a great pack to choose if you are new to false lashes, or if you like to experiment. I would also recommend these if you are starting out at beauty school because it's great to have lots of options to play around with in your kit!

The lashes can be reused, just clean them and put them back in the case! You do have to be a little careful with them, though. I pulled on mine a little too hard and they broke :(

You can just see the bit on the right one that broke off :(

The lashes are light and the bands are flexible, which makes fitting them onto your lashes quite easy. Here are some pictures of what they look like on. I've only done half of them, and my camera died (hence the one photo from my phone!) I will take more when my camera charges so you guys can see what the rest look like.

These ones are very fun and flirty!

 These were a pair of criss cross lashes. I'm not totally sure how I feel about criss-cross ones. Because these are shorter (they were the same length as my own lashes), I felt they were more for a little bit of volume rather than length and drama.

 These ones were very nice and natural. My own lashes are long enough, but quite sparse so these give just enough volume. I would definitely wear these to a day time event.

 (Phone picture!) These are really pretty. I know my pictures don't do them much justice. These are so long and fluttery, but not heavy at all! They are angled out as well, so they give that 'bedroom eye' effect :)

These are quite wispy and light. I thought these were pretty, but a little too long towards the inner corner. I might actually trim these just a little to make them more comfortable for me.

I'm sorry that these pictures aren't the best. I'm still working on getting my makeup shots right! I will have the rest of the lashes up soon. But, in the mean time, check out KKcenterHk's website. They have loads of different styles, and you really can't beat the price!

Have you guys tried these? Do you have any tips to help with my atrocious false lash application?
Thank you,prettyinthedesert
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