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Review: False eyelashes from KKcenterhk By beauty-vibes

If you don't know about KKcenterhk yet, it's an online shop selling a lot of cute products! (Such as wigs, false eyelashes, eyeshadow palettes etc.). A little while ago the shop contacted me to ask me if I was interested in a sponsorship, and after taking a look at their products and some other reviews I said yes! They sent me the A399 false eyelashes (they work with codes/item numbers on their website). You can find the eyelashes here

They remind me a bit of the 'crisscross' false eyelashes I got from Ebay. I use a lot of false eyelashes from Ebay because they are so cheap, but when it comes to these two I do prefer the ones from KKcenterhk. They go from short to long (= looks more natural) and the eyelash band is thinner.

They definitely make my eyes look a lot bigger! It's a shame that the eyelash band is a little stiff, the bits on the inner corners tend to 'pop back' (even after using some extra eyelash glue). You'll need a bit of patience to get them to stay put. However, because the eyelash band is pretty thin I do use less glue than usual, which means there's less glue residue as well!

I don't use false eyelashes as often as I'd like because I'm pretty clumsy, but I'll definitely use these again! It's a little hard to make them stay in place, you really need a good eyelash glue. But they still look very nice (I love that they go from short to long!) and they are easy to remove as well. $6.50 for 10 pairs is not very expensive, I do like them more than my eyelashes from Ebay! And I have around 4-5 different types of false eyelashes from that place ;)

How do you feel about using false eyelashes?