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Sephora Full Coverage Foundation

I will admit that I was a tad bit leery of this product when I saw it in Sephora. I think I may have been watching a You Tube video when someone mention that they used it.

Everytime I would go into Sephora I'd look at everything else they had to offer besides the foundations.  I've bought and reviewed so many foundations as always on my quest to find "That One" foundation that I just can't live without!  Being that I have bought foundations from the most expensive to some drug store brands I figured why not give it a try!

I love the size of the bottle.  Its 35ml(1.1)fl oz.  For those who like carry their foundation with them it would fit in your makeup bag or for MUA's who carry their bottles of  liquid foundations in their kit it would not take up too much space.  For me if I were to add it to my kit which I'm considering I'd break it down in a smaller bottle. 

It retails at Sephora for $22.00 usd.  The only place that you can purchase it is at  Sephora. Atleast to my knowledge.

It is very creamy, smooth and the texture glides on with ease.  I usually use my Sigma flat top kabuki brush to apply it.  I add two drops to the back of my hand and dab my brush and apply specks of it onto my face and then start using circular motions from one side of the face to the other as to give it an airbrush effect.  When I first used it I was so excited to see how well it went on and how well it blended in with my skin that I didn't set it with some powder and noticed some streaking later in the day after wiping my forehead from sweat.  So the next day I made sure to set it and no streaking and it wore all day.  I would also suggest wearing a primer underneath this foundation.  Being that it is full coverage it says oil free but I'm a sweater so I need the primer!  I'm normally NC45 in MAC. When trying to match my complexion with this foundation I went for Mat tan 40(noisette.hazelnut).  

Below are some pics and swatches I took.  I hope you give it a try!  So far I like it but will continue my quest for "The Perfect foundation" for myself.  Not neccesarily for my kit.

Just a dot

The dot smoothed out

Have you given this foundation a try?  If so let me know how you like it or any foundation suggestions!